Visit A Top Rated Surf Camp On Your Vacation

top rated surf campsSurf school is one hot-topic. Camps are located across the globe in stunning, sun-drenched destinations, held everywhere from Australia to Z-Wave Surf Camp in Florida.

Learning how to surf, or refining already existing skills can be enjoyed year-round. Surf lessons are not age specific and are available regardless of skill-level.

Surfing can be a romantic gift, exhilarating past-time or a skill that can be reveled in as frequently as possible. Some of the best surf camps available hold week long sessions as well as incorporate amenities like yoga and regional cuisine.

Both technique-based surf workshops and individually tailored lessons can accommodate a variety of surf-seekers. Attending one of these top rated surf camps is a great way to spend a long vacation.

Learning To Surf At A Camp

The best surf camps for beginners combine an easy going atmosphere and opportunity for long, enjoyable rides in gentle waves. Getting the most from initial instruction at a camp for beginners is paramount to establishing good techniques, continued enjoyment, and surfing success. Hawaii, the Barbados, Bali and U.S. coastal locations boast excellent surf camps for those just starting out:

  • Surf Hawaii Surf School, Oahu
  • Zed’s Surfing Adventures, Barbados
  • School of Surf, Bali
  • Richard Schmidt Surf School in Santa Cruz, CA

Surfing the North Shores of Hawaii is an experience like no other. People from all ethnic backgrounds come together at Surf Hawaii to learn basic surfing steps and have an amazing time. At Zed’s Surfing Adventures, all-inclusive surf packages are available that allow beginners to take full advantage of the surf experience. With rates as low as two-hundred dollars per-night that include ocean-view accommodations, daily surf-lessons and breakfast, lunch with weekly BBQ, this surf camp for beginners is superior. In Bali, the School of Surf hosts a camp tailored to beginners, with one coach to every two guests. New surfers are allowed to progress at the pace in which they are most comfortable, and can enjoy surfing safely at novice suitable beaches. In America, the Richard Schmidt Surf School operates year round and provides beginners with additional stand-up, paddle board training as well.

Bring The Kids To Surf Camp, Too!

Kids are uniquely special because of their unmatched ability to absorb instruction and apply new skills seamlessly. For youth-aged surfers, camp is all about enjoying the experience of learning while they are having fun. Impressionable and fearless, kids are best suited to surf-instruction that is presented through a dynamic educational program, in-depth demonstration and delivered in an enjoyable way with all the extras possible. Kids love learning about things that they can do to help the environment and ocean science too. Some of the best surf camps for kids include:

  • Billabong Camp locations like Santa Barbara Seals
  • La Jolla Surf Camp in San Diego
  • Skudin Surf Kids Surf Camp in Rockaway Beach, NY

Children who attend kids surf camp are supervised by certified surf instructors from the time they arrive until the time they leave for ensured safety. In addition to surfing, kids learn about entering, exiting and navigating safely through the ocean. Kids programs focus and emphasize surf-safety, agility, education, etiquette and recreational fun.

Meet Up With Other Singles At Surf Camp

Surfing is an ultimately invigorating sport. Crossing waves with someone else who is as passionate about the electric, liquid-swiftness as you are is an unbeatable way to spend time. You can up the stakes competitively or just have plain fun. Making friends, or a romantic connection, that you can connect with across the globe is a benefit of the sport of surfing. The best surf camps for singles are:

  • Koala Surf Camp in Hossegor, France
  • Swell Surf Camp, Dominican Republic
  • Z Wave Surf, Flagler Beach, Florida
  • Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Costa Rica

Located in one of the best surfing areas in the world, Koala Surf Camp allows singles to live the dream. This camp allows attendees to experience the ultimate in surf lifestyle while surfing in world-famous surf territory. Swell Surf Camp is the Caribbean’s number one destination for single surfers and boasts tons of extra activities when not in the ocean. In Florida, Z Wave offers affordable private and semi-private packages in the event surfing solo requires an independently desired experience. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp makes the most of vacation time by incorporating an entire surf experience into an affordable full holiday.

Learning how to surf can be a fantasy come true. Attending a pro-surf camp for instruction and fun is a brilliant way to materialize the skills required to participate. Refining one’s ability to surf well is a continuing educational opportunity to improve internal balance, recognize harmony within the world and take part in a past-time that is traditional as Polynesian culture itself.

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