Do You Really Need Trekking Poles? Yes, Here’s Why

If you saw my posted on the top trekking poles for the money, then you might have scoffed and thought that you didn’t need them. I admit, they are not the sexiest gear to be seen with. But, they do have their purpose and once you start using them, you will be a convert. And, to help you get there, let me share some reasons why I think you should give them a try.

reasons to use trekking poles

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As you can see in the infographic above, trekking poles have a lot of varied uses.

As you lift the poles with each step, your body gets into a rhythm that has actually been shown to improve your speed without increasing your fatigue level. I don’t know about you, but I really like the idea of getting to that lookout point more quickly without being more tired than usual.

Since you will likely end up in areas that can be slick from water, mud, moss or other organic debris, the extra contact points of your trekking poles help to keep you from taking a tumble. You get better overall balance and stability.

How many times have you seen a puddle or other questionable area in your path and wondered if you could safely cross through it? Well, with trekking poles you can probe the depth and stability of any obstacles in your path so that you’ll know if it is safe to keep moving.

You can use them to reduce the strain on your body, which is a great way to prevent getting fatigued early on in a hike – especially if you are carrying a heavy pack. This is because the poles help to redistribute the force of that weight so that it doesn’t all go on your knees and ankles.

Instead of using your bare hands to move away brambles and cobwebs, put those trekking poles to good use. They are a great way of holding debris out of your path as you cross. And if you are unlucky enough to come across a bear, dog or other wildlife, then you can use your trekking poles as a self defense weapon.

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