10 Ways To Treat Dry Skin Acne From Camping (Tips)

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Acne is a disease that nearly ten percent of the world’s population suffer from.  

It is an illness that can leave psychological as well as physical scars.  

Acne makes many people feel self-conscious and can even lead to social inactivity and low self-esteem.

If you suffer from acne don’t allow it to control your life; take control of the situation.

Early treatment reduces the risk of scars later on.  Below are 10 effective ways you can treat acne.

1. Use lotions and creams

Most treatments recommended for acne conditions dry out the skin.

Ointment, creams and lotion don’t dry the skin out as quickly and will have a more soothing effect.  

Whichever method you try make sure you follow the directions given and never use more than the required amount.  

Using more won’t heal your skin faster and will not remove your acne quicker.  

As an inducement go for treatments that make your skin feel better.

2. Be sure to moisturize

Moisturizer is vital to maintain the suppleness of your skin and keep it from drying out.  

Moisturizer also protect the skin from pollutants and the elements which can aggravate the present condition of the skin.

The combination of using a moisturizer when oily breakout threaten may seem to defeat the purpose, but the remedy comes with knowing which moisturizers to choose.  

Sensitive skin moisturizers are light, but they still work.  

The kind of moisturizers for acne prone skin, ironically, are extremely drying, so you won’t want to use those.

3. Choose the correct cleanser

Your cleanser is just as important in the acne fighting regime as your moisturizer.  

You have to be particular about the cleanser you choose because most of them are just as drying to the skin as the moisturizer.  

Opt for a non-foaming cleanser.  

These are great for dry skin because they have less dehydrating ingredients than the ones that foam.  

If your ointment, lotion or moisturizing cream is medicated choose a non-medicated cleanser.  

If you want both your moisturizer and cleanser to be medicated consult a physician first as the best kind to use.

4. Limit your washing

Washing too much strips your skin of its natural oils.  

Washing your face once a day – along with a cleanser – is sufficient.  

The second washing should be done at the end of the day after your remove your make-up.  

Your skin will stay healthy and clean without drying it out more than it already is.

5. Honey is a superb Hydrator/Antibacterial

Honey is naturally hydroscopic (hydrating) and is chock full of antioxidants.  

It is one of the best and most popularly used natural elements for skin of all types.  

The soothing effect of honey is one of the best remedies for acne, dry skin leaving it soft, silky and smooth.  

The clover honey available in most shops works just as well as any other brand.

If you want honey with extra powerful antibacterial properties, purchase Manuka honey.

Look for one with a UMF at 16 or higher.  

Rub a small amount over the face until it disappears in the skin, or include several drops of it in your facial moisturizer.

This is the easiest way to apply it.

6. Apply a facial mask

Drastic situations call for drastic measures.  

Facial masks are one of the sure fire ways of getting pure pore penetrating power.  

The majority of masks are composed of clay which extracts the oil and dirt from your pores.  

Mud masks really attack and although they get the job done they can leave your face feeling tight and dry.

Use an extra hydrating moisturizer afterward to relieve your skin of the rigors of mud masks.  

One that includes aloe vera as part of the ingredients should do the job.

Aloe vera is naturally hydrating as it is composed of over 50% water.

7. Make peels your friend

Peels are another method of deep cleansing which gets right to your pores.  

You leave them on for about five minutes, wash them off, moisturize and you’re done.  

They contain acne fighting acids in a one-step treatment without the added hassle of using occlusive immediately after.  

Be sure to use a good, over the counter brand that has been tested and is highly recommended.

8. Tomato Pulp

Research shows that the acid in tomatoes aids the skin in drying up acne.  

Have you ever been tempted to rub the peel from a peach over your skin?  

Follow your instinct.  

The Vitamins in tomatoes; A, C and K are present in many over the counter treatments and many fruits as well.  

Vitamin K is especially good for acne because it regenerates skin cells. 

Cut the tomato and rub thoroughly over your face.  You can also chop it up and use it as a face pack.  

Follow this routine for a few weeks until you see results.

9. Use potato

Potatoes contain vitamin C which boosts the manufacturing of collagen in the skin.

It also heals and deters damage to the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  

The potato also contains vitamin B and niacin.  

Vitamin B restores the skin to a healthy state while niacin lightens it to give it a healthy, youthful glow.  

Healing is a necessary component for acne suffers as it keeps the skin healthy while the acne is being treated.

10. Cucumber packs

Cucumber is naturally hydrating and cooling to the skin.  

It relieves it from irritants and other symptoms.  

Cucumber also reduces the itching and burning that results from acne.

Place the cucumber in a blender and ‘pulp’ it.  

Spread liberally over your skin to moisturize and extract oil. Your face will feel cool, clean and fresh.

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