My Picks: Best Mountain Biking Towns In The US

When it comes to great places to go mountain biking, there is no shortage of towns in the US where you can easily hit the trails. So if you’re looking for a good place to get your tires dirty, whether on vacation or as a potential new city to move to, I want to share some of my favorites when it comes to the best cities and towns in the US for mountain biking enthusiasts like me.

Breckenridge, Colorado

breckenridge mountain biking

I know that putting anywhere in Colorado on a list like this is almost akin to cheating since the whole state is practically perfection for mtbers. And, some might think that it is almost blasphemy that I didn’t pick Crested Butte or Fruita. That being said, Breckenridge is really tops for me. If I lived in the state, then maybe I would feel differently but I don’t and Breckenridge is an easy place to visit and have a nice vacation with lots of easily accessible mountain biking trails. Plus, it’s just freaking beautiful there and you can easily get to other small nearby towns, like Vail, where you have access to even more trails. And when you visit these areas in the summer, they are not at all crowded with tourists or hikers, like you get if you’re in Denver. Another cool thing about some of the trails at Breckenridge is that they are kid-friendly since it is a resort town, which means that you can do this with the whole family. The trails are given color-coded ratings like the ski trails, so there’s plenty that aren’t for kids too. The video below gives you a good intro to biking in the area.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

santa fe mountain biking

There are a few areas of the US that I find breathtakingly beautiful and New Mexico is high on that list. Though Albuquerque is my favorite city in New Mexico to visit, when it comes to mountain biking the nearby city of Santa Fe gets top marks from me. The town itself is great because it is basically a small, artsy community with lots of great restaurants and culture. Then, you add in all the great bike trails that are easily accessible and it is just perfection. You see some great scenery out there, unlike what you see in most areas of the US except for maybe Sedona, Arizona. You can even see some unique wildlife like scorpions, which is kind of freaky but also kind of cool.

Park City, Utah

park city mountain biking

Let’s face it – pretty much the entire state of Utah has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, right? And it is just a beautiful area even if you are passing through it. But for mtbers, there is a lot of fun to be had in Park City. Sure, most people go to Moab, but this is a less crowded alternative. You’ve got great dirt trails that wind up some mountains, scenic rides that take you through some less physically taxing areas of the city and plenty of other bike trails to spend an afternoon on. I found out how great Park City is for cyclists by accident when I stopped there on a cross country drive a few years ago. Now, I regularly go back to visit and do a little trail riding. I’ve even considered relocating there as I enjoy it so much. Learn more on the video below.

Asheville, North Carolina

asheville mountain biking

I lived in Raleigh for a couple of years and spent a lot of time traveling over to Asheville to do a little trail riding. You’ve got the Blue Ridge Mountains over there, which are beautiful in their own right. And the temperature does not get too hot in the summer; same for the humidity. It makes for excellent mtb conditions. There are many miles of trails to ride on and lots of restaurants with good Southern cooking for when you are ready to refuel at the end of the day.

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  1. I think you should check out Bentonville & Bella Vista, Arkansas. It is a major biking area with great vacation rental properties

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