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Scrubba Review: Is It Good For Campsite Laundry?

Love camping, hate laundry? Me, too – so when I saw a video for a product called The Scrubba, I thought I’d give it a try. My preference, when camping, is to always pack lightly, but I get tired of wearing dirty clothes. Going to a laundromat isn’t my idea of a good time when

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camp chairs

How To Clean Mold And Mildew Out Of Camp Chairs

As the weather begins to warm throughout the country, signaling the beginning of another glorious summer, millions of people start pulling out their camping gear in preparation for the first big overnight excursion of the year. From tents to awnings to cookware, all of your camping stuff should be rigorously inspected before you pack up

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couple by campfire

How To Get Campfire Smell Out Of Clothes

Is there anything better than sitting around a campfire? Is there a more pleasurable experience possible than catching up with old friends and family in the majesty of the great outdoors, lounging around an open-air fire while the kids roast weenies and marshmallows to their hearts’ content? The answer, at least according to the millions

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bear in the wild approaching hiker

What To Do If You See A Bear When Hiking Or Camping

If you enjoy hiking or camping in wilderness areas, whether developed or completely wild, chances are you may one day encounter a bear. This can be a very scary proposition to say the least, especially if you have no idea what to do should this situation present itself. So, just what are you supposed to

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tent with raindrops

How To Waterproof A Tent

There are plenty of great things to love about camping—the sights and sounds of the wilderness, the fresh air, and tasty treats around a roaring campfire. However, there is one occurrence that is NOT very great—the sight, sound or feel of water penetrating into the inside of your tent. Although rainy nights are usually a

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