Family Camping In Comfort: Cool Glamping Options

Growing up, my earliest camping memory is shivering in the freezing cold up against my mom in a drafty tent. I was young and we were on a camping trip with my aunt and uncle. Other than the cold, the only other things that I remember are the insane number of rocks that it felt like I was sleeping on and the my first taste of light and sweet coffee the next morning. As you can imagine, camping is not really something that I associated with fond memories. However, the new glamping trend, or camping in comfort, is something that I can get on board with.

If you are new to the whole comfort camping trend, then you might be surprised to learn that it only is sorta kinda like real camping. It’s more like luxury camping, but is really closer to a hotel experience without the actual hotel. Confused yet? Let me explain.

While there are luxury glamping tents that take your comfort level to 11, you can also choose to spend the night in an alternative comfortable space like a yurt or a tipi. Pretty cool, huh?The really neat options are the gypsy wagons that you can easily find when searching for glamping accommodations in England and Wales.

This type of accommodation is usually cheaper than a hotel room but a little more costly than traditional camping. But, the sleeping experience is definitely closer to a hotel. Of course, if you wake up in the middle of the night and need to pee, you still have to walk outside to the bathrooms just like with regular camping (unless you end up in a yurt with a composting toilet, which is rare but does exist).

Stay In A Tipi/Teepee

If you want a little upgraded comfort, but still somewhat close to a traditional tent camping experience, then spending a night or two in a tipi is a good option for you. The nice thing about camping in a tipi is that you can easily fit a large group (normally 6 to 12 people) in it, which makes it a great glamping option for the whole family.

While amenities vary by campsite, you usually have either a fire pit or stove in the center of the tipi that will both keep you warm and help you with meal preparation. Some include sleeping cots or air mattresses. If not included, there is usually plenty of room for you to bring your own. This site will give you an idea of what to expect from your tipi camping experience. Or watch the video below on tipi camping in Wales, United Kingdom.

Tipi Camping in Wales, UK.

Stay In A Yurt

The next step up in your glamping experience is spending a night or two in a yurt. I like to think of yurt camping as a little like staying in a cabin. Yurts are usually made out of either canvas or wood. Normally, they have some furniture inside and you often even get a little deck outside. They usually have windows and locking doors, with some even having power outlets.

Going glamping in a yurt is great for a small family or group of friends as they usually accommodate between four and eight people. Just remember, you usually do not get a toilet or running water in the yurt (but sometimes you do). Or air conditioning – but fans are usually inside for cooling.

To get an idea of what this type of experience would be like, take a look at this Georgia Parks webpage. Or, watch the video below of one guy’s experience with yurt camping on Orca Island.

Yurt Camping On Orca Island

Stay In A Gypsy Wagon

Quite possibly the coolest glamping experience has got to be spending the night sleeping in a gypsy wagon. Unfortunately, such experiences are rare in the United States, however they are easy to find in England and Wales.

This type of comfort camping is kind of between tipis and yurts in terms of comfort level. They are really nice inside, but do not quite have all the modern conveniences that you get with a yurt.

To learn a little more about staying in a gypsy wagon, take a look at this site offering wagon stays in England or this one in North Devon. Or, watch the video below on the North Devon location.

Vintage Vardos - Fisherton Farm, Devon - Sawday's Canopy & Stars

As you can see, glamping or camping in comfort brings a few more amenities to the outdoor experience. You might get a little better night’s sleep by choosing one of these options over a traditional tent. And opting for one of these unique camping experiences just might make your partner more willing to go camping with you!

image by Samuel ETIENNE (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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