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Here at Active Weekender, we focus on destinations with a lot to offer the active traveler. Our guides are created based on real experiences from our contributors’ real holiday travel excursions.  As our contributors travel more, we will update this page with more destination guides.

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Monteverde Extremo

10 Coolest Places In The World To Go Zip Lining

Some might say zip lining is for people who want to feel a thrill, but are too afraid to skydive or try a more ‘extreme’ sport right off the bat. I suppose maybe zip lining could be the ‘gateway drug’ of adventure sports, but it certainly doesn’t lessen the experience. Zip lines have their own

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Best Places In Germany For Adventure Travelers

Most people don’t often attribute the word ‘adventure’ to Germany, even though the country sports a huge variety of rough terrain and relatively untapped wilderness locations, and as a result some of the more spectacular outdoor activities and trekking in Europe get overlooked (especially in favor of surrounding countries like Spain with the Pyrenees and

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torres del paine

4 Amazing National Parks in South America

Although lacking the infrastructure of more prosperous nations, countries like Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina boast some of the biggest – and relatively untouched – wilderness areas in the world, with National Parks ranging in landscape from high desert-like altiplano cordillera to humid cloud forests with some of the densest ecological diversity on the

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Best Adventure Towns in Canada

When it comes to adventure, Canada is one of the premiere destinations for outdoor enthusiasts, whether it be whitewater kayaking, epic canoe trips, alpine skiing, or extensive trekking into untapped wilderness. But while Canada is huge, most of these activities are centralized either in the west or east, and the most popular cities that cater

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ecuador surfing

South America’s Best Surf Towns

When people think of South America, surfing isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind, and yet all up and down both the east and west coast are excellent hubs, for both world professionals and beginners alike. So, if the only beach that you can think of in South America is Rio’s Copacabana Beach, then

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joshua tree

5 Must-Visit National Parks in California Other Than Joshua Tree

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spend an active weekend in the state of California, there is no shortage of national parks where you can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, camping and hiking (just to name a few). And while I think everyone thinks about places like Joshua Tree for such weekends, there

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