2020 Fitness Resolution Time? Just Get More Active! [5 Simple Tips]

It’s that time of year again. We’ve indulged in the holiday season sweets, had a bit too much of the savory stuff, and our workout routines were tossed aside during all of this.

But hey, that’s what the new year is for, right? A fresh start on getting back to being healthier and more active. Well, that’s what we’re all about here at Active Weekender. And we’re ready to help you get a more active lifestyle starting today.

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5 Tips For A More Active Life (At Home, At Work, At School – Anywhere)

Whether you’re looking to get back into your normal active routine or you’re just getting started for the first time (or after a long hiatus), incorporating more activities into your day doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

1. Set Yourself Up For Success

You should get everything that you need for your planned activities so that you have zero excuses for not doing them.

Are you going to be doing come cardio or other workouts? Then make sure you have the proper attire (sports bra, running shoes, etc.).  I suggest you check out the Reebok store online, where you can get all of these things at one place.

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And if you’re planning on taking up something that requires equipment, like cycling or yoga, then go ahead and get that today so you have no reason why you can’t get started ASAP.

What about a gym membership? Are you the kind of person who likes to go the gym? If so, get yourself a membership today.

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And like I said, surprisingly affordable for those of us non-richies.

Even better, you can save some money on the trainer when you sign up with their current discount offer. What have you got to lose? (Probably a few pounds, right!)

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And hey, having someone else motivating you during your workouts sure beats watching a Youtube yoga video at home!

2. Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve been lax with your activity here in the recent weeks, then don’t set yourself a goal to do an hour of cardio several days a week. Instead, give yourself a goal that you can actually achieve.

Instead of big long-term goals, focus on micro goals. For instance, if you eventually want to bike 10 miles per day, start out with a goal of a mile per day for a few days a week. Once you meet that goal, then set a new one for yourself.

Those micro goals, or mini goals, help to keep you motivated by giving you small wins. And that means you’re more likely to successfully work up to those big goals.

woman in workout clothes

3. Keep Track Of It All

A good way to make sure that you are regularly being active is to track all of that activity. You can use a journal or just a simple calendar.

Tracking your activities not only lets you keep up with your progress, but it lets you visualize it. And before you know it, all this new activity will turn into a regular habit for you.

4. Include A Lot Of Variety

Not only will you get bored if you’re doing the same activities every single day, but it’s not ideal for your body.

And we’re assuming that you’re hoping to improve your overall health and fitness levels, right?

women fitness class

You should make sure that your weekly activities include:

Making sure you’re covering all three means that you’re getting the most benefits from all that hard work. You’re improving your balance and coordination, and strengthening those bones and muscles.

5. Don’t Forget To Stretch!

It’s important that you remember to stretch after you finish your workout activities. Doing so can reduce the chance of post-workout muscle cramps and injuries.

Stretching is great for improving your flexibility range of motion. Plus, it results is better circulation throughout your entire body.

woman stretching

The Takeaway

Getting more active doesn’t have to be difficult or take up tons of time during your day. Plenty of medical professionals state that just 30 minutes of activity per day is ideal for your overall health and fitness.

And while it can be nice to have a membership at a fancy gym, you can get in all the fitness activities you need on your own at home or at the park.

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