Plan Your Next Outdoor Activity From Pavement To Peak

Are you looking for a fun activity that isn’t the usual outdoor go-to of hiking or biking? We got that covered for you.

Are you a runner? Then why not move outside your comfort zone and take up trail running? This adrenaline-fueled activity is the perfect intersection of hiking and running.

Whether you’re looking for a solo activity like trail running or something you can do in a group, like rock climbing, we’ve got all the deets on kickass activities that will leave your heart pumping and your face smiling.

Here you’ll find some resources on getting started with these activities and guides on some of the gear you’ll need to make the most of the experiences.

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Running and Cycling Headphones: Best Exercise Earbuds Reviewed

Whether I am inside spending some time on the treadmill or out doing a bit of cycling, I like to take my iPod with me so that I can listen to a little music while getting in my exercise. Countless studies have shown that listening to music while working out boosts your endurance and pacing,

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Stuck Inside On A Rainy Day? Here’s Some Fun Activities

I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks in Scotland, which is great as there are lots of places to get outside and be active. In fact, I’m renting a place right next to a 76-acre park that is perfect for hiking, biking and running. Unfortunately though, most of my time spent here has been

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rock climbing

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Rock Climbing

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I don’t feel healthy”? Have you ever had that exact thought, or one like it, even though you were healthy? And maybe you didn’t really feel like your mind was fit either? That was me a few years back not long after I broke a knee and spent the

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