Hiking from Göreme to Paşabağı Valley in Cappadocia

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While I was staying in Göreme, I knew that I definitely wanted to make my way over to Paşabağı Valley. This area is also known as Monks Valley and it is probably the most well-known and visited place the area for seeing fairy chimneys. There seem to be more of these rock formations concentrated in this valley than any other area in the region.

Getting to Paşabağı Valley is very easy as it is located not too far past Çavuşin. In fact, the day that I visited Çavuşin and explored the old cave houses and hiked the surrounding area, I trekked on over to Paşabağı Valley after having some lunch. If you check out this Cappadocia walking trail map, you can see a path marked between the two. However, I left Çavuşin and walked along the main road until the road for Paşabağı Valley appeared on the right. Once I saw it, I got off the road and hiked the rest of the way through the valley. Absolutely no one else was on the trail, though I did manage to get a stray dog that accompanied me the entire way.

The trail itself is very easy and pretty much anyone can comfortably make it. Check out the photo below to see what I mean.

hiking to monks valley cappadocia

As you walk, the valley walls start to get higher around you and the fairy chimney rock formations start to sprout up everywhere. And like every other hiking trail that I went on in the region, you end up finding a “secret garden cafe” in the valley. The cafe owner is very friendly and offers drinks and snacks for sale. He’ll also offer to take your photo. When you have the cafe to your right and the garden to your left, you just go straight ahead toward the valley wall to go up. (ask the cafe owner where to go if you’re not sure about it) You’ll probably see a lot of people up there despite them not being on the trail. That is because you have reached the park where all the tourist buses stop.

Steps are made into the rock so it is pretty easy to get up to the top. And you definitely want to get up there to check out the amazing view of the valley that you just trekked through. My first photo that I took at the top is below, and if you look in the lower corner of the photo you can see a sign for the secret cafe on the valley floor.

Paşabağı Valley view

And now, a wider view of the valley:

Monks Valley view in Cappadocia

After taking in the amazing view that you’ve earned yourself, you can descend down with the rest of the tourists. There are some shops, restaurants and cafes at the base, which is a great time to have a bit of Turkish tea and make use of the toilets. But do keep in mind that the prices as these places are all a bit more expensive that what you see in Göreme thanks to all the tourist buses. You can see more photos of this area on TripAdvisor.

If you keep hiking, then you will end up in Zelve where you can take in the Zelve Open Air Museum, which is supposed to be quite good. Sadly, I did not make it there as it started raining after I had my Turkish tea at one of the cafes. I actually ended up getting a taxi back to Göreme because of the rain. (If I recall correctly, this was only 7TL!) This site has more info on the Zelve Open Air Museum.

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