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hiker using compass

How To Adjust The Declination On Your Compass

Modern technology is not a prerequisite for successful navigation. The basic navigation skills are enough and essential to any survivalist or outdoorsman and especially people into sailing. Pinpointing true north is amongst the basic essential skills required by sailors, outdoorsmen, and survivalists. This skill is challenging in that a compass denotes magnetic north instead of true north, that

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woman hiking boots

What’s The Average Life Span Of Your Hiking Boots?

Achy feet, soggy socks, and maybe a hole here and there – at some point, we all have to get rid of our favorite pair of hiking boots and replace them with new ones. And if you’re like me, then you’re not really that stoked about replacing them since they’ve been on so many treks

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hiking sandals grand canyon

Hiking Sandals: Should You Wear Them & How To Choose The Right Pair

If you’re going hiking where it’s really hot, or where you’ll have to cross some water, then you might be considering trading in your hiking boots for a pair of hiking sandals. I don’t blame you! I did the exact same thing last summer before visiting some national parks. Choosing the right pair is important

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Break In Your Hiking Boots The Right Way With These Tips

You don’t go on conquering the highest peak around after just a few daily hikes. The same goes for breaking in new hiking boots. You need to advance gradually by layering new hikes and trails one after the other with increasing difficulty and length in order to do both. If you have made the mistake

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