My Favorite Lightweight Inflatable SUP: Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model

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While I am a big fan of the Tower Adventurer 9’10” inflatable SUP, the Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ inflatable SUP is my new favorite. If it looks familiar to you, there is a good reason for that – the Wakooda SUP is the same as the Wahoo Inflatables one. In fact, Wakooda is now the home for Wahoo Inflatables products.

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So, what do I love about this stand up paddle board? For starters, it weighs just a wee bit less than the Tower Adventurer. And since I’m not the strongest paddleboarder out there, I like that it saves me a little burn on my arm muscles. Plus, this one has a lower price at most stores! That’s right – if you buy this SUP online,at a store like The House, then you can probably get it for a cheaper price than the Tower Adventurer (depending on where you shop)!

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This board is just a bit longer than the Tower Adventurer, which makes it the better choice for doing yoga on your SUP or if you want to take out your dog or another person on the SUP. Or, if you like to use your SUP for surfing, then you just might get better results on the waves with this longer board. But, let me tell you about all of its features to help you decide if it’s the right paddle board for you.

Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Features

Like the Tower Adventurer, when you buy this stand up paddle board, you get the board, a paddle, a pump, a patch kit and a carry backpack all for the one low price. All-inclusive gear packs like this are perfect for SUP beginners as well as seasoned paddle boarders like me who just find it easier to make one purchase instead of several.

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Like all inflatables, this SUP is great for those of us without a lot of storage room at home or in the car since it deflates and rolls up to fit in a carrying pack. If you look at the main photo at the top of the page, you can see just how small it gets in the image with the guy carrying it on his back. This also makes it a good choice for traveling as it will easily fit in an airline overhead bin as part of your carry-on luggage.

The weight of this SUP is one of the things that first drew me to it – it comes in at just around 20 pounds! That is SO lightweight, right? I’ve learned that even I can easily carry it with just one hand while walking out the water.

My favorite features:

  • non-skid footing on the board for better standing stability
  • included carry backpack for easy transport and travel with SUP
  • carry handle
  • weighs around 20 lbs
  • inflates in less than 10 minutes with included pump!

As for durability, this SUP has got it! I am always somewhat skeptical of the quality of gear when it has a low price, but this Wakooda/Wahoo Inflatables iSUP really lives up to my expectations. Even when you accidentally run it over some sharp rocks, the board does not puncture. The board is six inches thick (like the Tower Adventurer) and features eight D-rings around the area of the board. (If you’re new to stand up paddle boards, the D-rings are useful for things like tying down your gear, attaching an ankle leash or adding a kayak seat to the SUP).

With that kind of performance and price, this is truly a good value SUP for the money. And it is one of the best entry level stand up paddle boards for beginners. Plus, it comes with a standard 2 year warranty, not that you should have to use it.

Now that I’ve shared its top features, let me answer any questions that you might have about it.

Can I use a leash with the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP?

Yes, this iSUP is designed to work with a leash. In fact, it has a total of 8 D-rings where you can attach your leash to the board. This works with both paddle leashes and ankle leashes.

How difficult is the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP to inflate?

It’s actually VERY easy! In fact, most people should be able to inflate the iSUP using the included pump in 10 minutes or less. Just note that the pump is a hand pump and not a foot pump, so it will give your arm a little workout before you get in the water. Also note that this is one of those pumps that pushes back at you as you use it, so pumping quicker helps get to the 10 PSI needed for use.

Can I use my own pump electric with the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP?

If you look closely, then you will notice that getting your own pump for use with the SUP isn’t that simple as Wahoo/Wakooda use their own proprietary valves that won’t work with other pumps. However, you can use your own pump once you get a special electric pump valve to make it work with your electric pump. If you’re having trouble with the hand pump that comes with the iSUP, then this is an inexpensive way to make inflation easier for you with an electric pump instead of the hand one.

Does the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP have fins?

Yes, the board features a total of 2 permanent fins on it, as well as 1 fin that is removable. This enables straight tracking.

How wide is the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP?

This board measures in at 32″ wide, which gives you a very stable ride when you are paddling. However, it is worth noting that when stationary, it feels a little less stable than when in movement.

Can I use the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP for surfing or kayaking?

Yes, you can do both those things with this iSUP. To kayak with it, just order a kayak seat and attach it to the board via the D-rings.

Does the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP come with a carrying bag?

Yes, when you order this iSUP, it comes with a backpack for carrying the deflated SUP. You can actually see what it looks like in the image at the top of this page (they guy in the photo is wearing the SUP in it’s bag on his back).

How good is the paddle that comes with the Wakooda Wahoo Inflatables 10’6″ Touring Model Inflatable SUP?

Surprisingly, this is a high quality paddle. I expected it to be cheap and flimsy, but it is the exact opposite of that. The shaft is aluminium with a plastic blade and an adjustable length carbon fiber top shaft with handle. You should know that this paddle is a little heavier than the standard carbon paddles, so if you drop it in the water, then it will sink fast. With that in mind, get yourself a paddle leash for it to avoid this potential problem. One thing that I love about this paddle is that it breaks down in two pieces for easy storage and transport.

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  1. Great review! Ordered two touring models largely on the strength of your review and Anazon. Wakooda now supplies floating 3 piece paddles. Great customer service at Wakooda.

    1. Glad to hear you’re having fun with your new iSUPs! And great news on that new floating paddle – thanks for the heads up on that one. Will have to check it out myself.

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