Should I Rent An RV For Vacation?

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What kind of traveler are you? The kind who always stays in a hotel or the kind who likes to do some tent camping or cabin camping?

Well, if you enjoy the comforts of a hotel room, but the independence of camping, then renting an RV for your next adventure just might be the best thing you’ve ever done.

And, it might be easier to do, and cheaper, than you expect. Interested?

Why Rent An RV?

Growing up, my family had a big 5th wheel camper for a while, so I have some experience going from hotels to RVs and then back again.

And I gotta say that the freedom you get with an RV compared to a hotel is awesome. Campgrounds are relatively inexpensive, so if you end up at one that you don’t like – just go to another one.

A lot of times, renting an RV ends up being cheaper than renting a hotel room – for a variety of reasons. On one family vacation to Florida, out campground was right across from the beach – and at a rate much cheaper than a similarly located hotel.

My favorite thing about staying in an RV is having your own kitchen. Sure, not all models have kitchens, but those that do really make it amazing. You get to save money on food and not have to worry about when the hotel restaurant opens cause your kitchen is always open.

Another great thing about renting an RV is that you can take one pretty much anywhere, which means that you can be closer to cool thing in nature, like national parks.

And finally, renting an RV is a great way to test out the waters, so to speak, to see if you enjoy it. Plenty of people retire and travel the country in their RV and renting one is a great way to find out if that’s the life for you or not.

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Where To Rent An RV Camper

Renting an RV isn’t as simple as calling up the local car rental place and asking to book an RV. In fact, you have to use a specialized service – one that focuses on RV rentals.

There are few different options for renting RVs, but a great choice is RVshare.

RVshare is kind of like AirBnB, but for RVs. You see, it’s a peer-to-peer RV rental company where people who own RVs rent them out to people like you and me when they’re not using them for their own adventures.

Pretty cool, huh?

Basically, if you’re wondering where to rent an RV near me, then this is likely your best option since there are RV owners all over the United States sharing their campers for rent on here.

What Are RV Rental Costs?

If you’re concerned about the cost, then you should know that it varies depending on the size and model of RV that you want to rent.

The larger the RV, then the higher the cost. Of course, you can fit more people in a bigger RV than you can in a single hotel room.

You should also know the owners of the RVs available through RVshare set the prices, which means two similar campers can have different rates just because of different owners.

On average, the smaller RVs cost around $100/night (at least in my area).

But that’s not the only cost that you should factor in. A few additional things to account for include:

  • insurance (RVshare offers this on most listings – it’s up to the owner)
  • gas for the RV (though you won’t need your own car)
  • propane for the hot water heater/stove
  • campground fees
  • mileage costs (some owners offer unlimited miles and other charge over a certain amount of miles)
  • any cleaning fees or other fees charged by the owner

That might seem like a lot. Just remember that you’ll be saving money on food if you get a camper with a kitchen. And you won’t have to worry about noisy neighbors in the hotel room keeping you up at night.

Can You Bring Your Pets In An RV Rental?

If you’re a pet owner, then you probably want to bring along your furry friend. And if you normally stay at hotels, then you know what a challenge it can be to find somewhere that’s pet-friendly.

Well, guess what – you can filters your results on RVshare so that you only see campers that allow pets.

Rent Your RV Now!

I found a LOT of RVs for rent in my area that allow pets, so this is great news for pet owners who wanna bring along the dog or cat.

Are You Ready To Ditch The Hotel Rooms?

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to trade in the hotel for an adventure in an RV. Who knows, once you try it you may never go back to staying in hotel rooms again!

If you want to get an idea of the types of RV rentals that are available in your area, and their prices, check out RVshare where you can search and see available RVs right now.

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