Top Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

Whether looking for new exercise equipment for your home gym or something new to try down at the local fitness center, there is no denying that using a rowing machine is a great way to meet your fitness goals.

Though the only people that you might see using one of these machines at the local gym are off-season rowers, anyone can get a great all-body workout on a rowing machine.

Several major muscle groups get used on the machine, which offers you a great way to tone both your upper and lower body. You can get one serious cardio workout all from this one machine.

And if that is not enough to convince you to try one of these out, then check out some of the best reasons to use a rowing machine below.

1. Super Efficient Way To Burn Calories

When you do your workout on a rowing machine, you end up burning around 600 calories for an hour long workout session. When you compare that to all the other equipment you could put in your home gym, or that you could use at the local fitness center, there is nothing else that can match the calorie burning efficiency.

For example, if you were to burn the same amount of calories while using a stationary bike, then you would have to stay on it for around an hour and 20 minutes to get the same number of calories burned. And, even though you could eventually burn the same amount of calories, you would not get the same type of all body workout on the bike like you do on this machine.

2. Serious Aerobic Workout

We all know that a good aerobic workout is great for the body as it really gets the heart pumping. Well, with this machine your aerobic routine is very efficient because all the major muscle groups of the body are put into action.

You boost your oxygen intake and your heart rate. Depending on the equipment that you’re using, you may even be able to take advantage of the adjustable resistance so that you can work up to your target heart rate and then back down to your resting heart rate.

Even better if you have one of the machines that comes with a heart-rate chest strap that lets you wireless monitor it. Don’t have a machine with a monitor?

Just get one of those fitness bands that offers it! Then, get started on your rowing machine workout plans to get fit and healthy.

3. Good Lower Body Conditioning Targeting

Though it might not seem like it from looking at the machine, but you get a great lower body workout when using a rowing machine. A lot of fitness enthusiasts actually use one of these just for the amazing lower body conditioning that you can achieve with regular use.

Your quads, which are the muscles located on the upper front area of your thighs, are the main muscles used, but you also a good workout for your glutes and calves.

To make the most of the lower body workout, choose a machine that has a sliding seat and you’ll get some great lower body muscle toning.

4. Good Upper Body Conditioning Targeting

This whole body machine gives the upper body a great workout as well. When using a rower, you engage a lot of upper body muscles like:

  • the rhomboids in your shoulder
  • the trapezius in your upper back
  • the lats in your lower back
  • your biceps
  • your pecs
  • your abs

The shoulders and upper back do most of the work, but you still get some decent work in for those last three areas mentioned. And since you have to constantly keep a tight grips on the rowing oars, you will notice that your wrists and hands get stronger as you use the rower.

And you’ll find this benefits you in some sports and other activities, like yoga. As you use the rower, you will quickly notice that you’re getting some good upper body muscle toning.

5. Low Injury Risk

Unlike some other gym equipment, the risk you have of injuring yourself when using a rower is low. The reason that injury risk is so minimal is due to the fact that the rowing motion and form is a natural position for the body and is a very low impact activity.

You do not experience much stress on your joints and you use the machine seated at a low position to the ground, which means that your likelihood of falling off and getting hurt is low. The only real injury risk is straining your back, but that will only occur if your form is incorrect.

So, as long as you use the rower with proper rowing posture and correct form, then you can expect minimal injury risk. Proper form is using your legs to do all the work so that your back doesn’t have any pressure.

For info on getting the most from your workout on your rower machine, check out our rowing machine workout tips. Or, check out our guide on how to use a rowing machine for those new to it.

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