Snow Sports

Snow Sports

Plan Your Next Powder or Ice Adventure

Want to get outside and get active, but not sure what activity to take up in the winter? We can help you out with that.

So, grab your parka, boots, and gloves and get ready to hit the powder. (Or lace up those skates!) Because all those fun summer activities you know and love can be replicated in some snow sport.

From going down the ski slopes to curling to trekking through the woods on snow-covered trails, there are tons of ways to have fun when it’s cold out there.

Here you’ll find out guides on a variety of ice and snow sports that are fit for beginners and those with a little experience. We also have some gear guides to help you know what you’ll need out in the cold weather to stay warm and have a good time.

Latest in Snow Sports

boots in snow

Can You Wear Uggs In The Snow?

After a long day on the slopes, you likely want to slip your feet into something warm and cozy like your favorite pair of Ugg boots. But, should you really be wearing those Uggs out in the snow? No, you shouldn’t wear Uggs in the snow – unless you’ve got one of the few waterproof

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two skiers

Essential Skiing Tips for Beginners

Skiing is a fantastic sport and is a great way to be outdoors and active during the winter. If you’re thinking about taking it up as a past-time, there are a few things you should keep in mind as a beginner. Whether you prefer the rush of downhill speed, or would rather see the scenery

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hockey skate and puck

We Found Some Of The Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

You’re ready to hit the ice but you just can’t find that perfect pair of skates that you can comfortably lace up around your wider feet. As someone with thick feet, I know the feeling. It took me a lot of trial and error before I found a pair of skates that fit comfortably for

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people cross country skiing

Getting Started With Cross-Country Skiing (Beginner’s Guide)

Skiing is intimidating for many. You’re on a slippery surface with nothing but two thin strips of laminated material to balance and move on. While the principles of skiing remain the same, regardless of whether you’re heading down a slope or on flat ground, keeping those skis horizontal beneath your feet can reduce a lot

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Cross-Country Skiing Quotes for Inspiration

Cross-country skiing is one of the most physically demanding activities you can do outside. At speed, it pushes the body (especially the heart and lungs) to its ultimate limits and engages every major muscle from head to toe. It is also quite a beautiful way to escape the daily grind and improve your fitness. When

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Cross-Country Skiing Puns For Some Ice Cold LOLs

Want to be punny on your cross-country ski treks? We’ve been binding around trying to rustle up some of the slappiest cross-country ski puns around. We think we’ve come up with some XC-lent ones destined to become classic, and are offering them up freestyle. So, sitzmark down and let us take you on a Voyager.

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skiing hydration pack

Why You Should Have An Insulated Hydration Pack for Skiing

Skiing is like any other sport. Once you get your heart pumping and muscles working, you’ll start to sweat and lose the precious water that keeps your muscles, organs, skin and bones in prime working condition. The fact that it’s cold and you don’t notice the loss as much (or feel as much desire to

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hockey game close up

How To Measure A Hockey Stick & Get The Right Size

There is an array of hockey sticks from different companies, and each stick has its distinctive qualities. In choosing a hockey stick, it will highly depend on its attributes that fit your playing style, abilities, and position. Also, the decision on the type of material for your stick is critical and it can either be

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hockey skates on ice with puck

How To Lace Hockey Skates The Right Way

Are your ankles and feet sore often after practice or games? More than likely it is related to the lacing of your skates. Something that is often overlooked in ice hockey is the proper lacing of skates. While many find focus on the type of skate, the actual lacing of skates is critical to ice hockey

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guy snowshoeing

Getting Started With Snowshoeing

Winter sports are notoriously tricky little monsters. Popular offerings like skiing and ice skating done on snow or ice take a greater sense of balance than many of the offerings on dry land and have a bigger learning curve because of it. A lot of the fitness activities you can do spring through fall can’t

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Snowshoeing Puns For Some Winter LOLs

Want to be punny while you snowshoe? We’ve tracked down some of the most hill-arious snowshoe puns a-ground. We’ve got a few in the flotation. Hopefully, there will be a winter or two that will melt your heart. So enjoy… if you’re not toe strapped for time. Snowshoeing: the ultimate powder walking. I’m snow happy

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curling stone on ice

Getting Started With Curling

Curling might look like one of the weirdest winter sports, and it is. There aren’t any other Olympic sports that involve brooms. But just because curling uses unusual equipment doesn’t make it any less of a serious physical discipline. In fact, curling is excellent exercise, not just for your body, but for your mind. What

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Curling Sport Puns For Some LOLs That Rock

Want to be punny while you curl? It’s not HARD!!! We’re sliding in with some of the n-iciest curling puns guaranteed to warm even your chilliest mates. To us, these puns are right on the button, but we don’t want to hog them. We’ll roll each out in-turn, starting with our lead. We can’t weight

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Curling Quotes For Inspiration At The Hacks

Curling often feels like everyone’s favorite sport to hate on. Seriously, people have said some truly unkind things about the game you don’t see about other sports. There’s a Lewis Black curling quote just vulgar enough we had to leave it off our list, and plenty of athletes have taken digs at curling, especially as

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Getting Started With Sledding (For Fitness!)

Did you know not all exercise has to feel like a chore? Probably. But every once in a while, it’s good to stop and recognize the fact. A fitness routine doesn’t have be made up of 5-mile runs and hundreds of push-ups. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things. A lot of people really

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Sledding Quotes For Some Winter Inspiration

Sledding may be a great way to inject some fun into your fitness and fitness into your fun, but it can still be hard to get up and do it when you’re warm and comfy on the couch. These fun and nostalgic sledding quotes will remind you of the joy of childhood and make it

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Sledding Puns For Some Winter LOLs

Want to be punny while you go sledding? We’ve got some winterful puns snow funny they’ll melt your frosty exterior. So, lay back and let’s powder through. Snow and tell. Sledding is snow much fun. Boldly going where snowman has gone before. That hill? I’m snow over it. Sledding is flaky. In a flurry to

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ski helmet on table

Can You Use A Skateboard Helmet For Snowboarding Or Skiing?

If you’re a skateboarder who already has a skateboard helmet, then you may be wondering if you can just use that helmet when you go snowboarding or skiing. While skateboarding helmets do protect your head when you’re skating, you need to know that they are only designed for use on a skateboard. So no, you

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hockey skates

How To Size Hockey Skates For The Right Fit

Most people without the proper knowledge might assume that when picking a hockey skate, they should pick up the same size as they wear in tennis shoes. This is simply not correct. Buying tennis shoes and hockey skates are two entirely different things. When shopping for tennis shoes, many people pay attention only to the

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ski equipment on snow

How Much Does Ski Equipment Weigh?

Thinking about planning a ski trip to catch some of that early powder? Well, if you’re flying with all your ski gear, then you need to be wary of the weight of everything. You may even just be curious how much all of that ski gear weighs you down when you’re riding the ski lift

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wakeboarding vs snowboarding

Wakeboarding vs. Snowboarding: How Similar Are They?

New to snowboarding or wakeboarding? You may think the two are similar. But are they really? These two sports do have a lot in common, but they also have major differences. Here’s what to know about wakeboarding versus snowboarding. What Snowboarding And Wakeboarding Have In Common At first glance, it’s easy to see that these

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guy snowboarding

6 Benefits Of Using A Balance Board For Snowboarding Training

If you’ve been looking for ways to get better at snowboarding, then you’ve likely already identified your balance and coordination as key areas for improvement. You don’t have to hit the slopes to do some training to improve your snowboarding. All you need is a balance board, which you can use anywhere, to work on

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Train On The Best Balance Boards For Snowboarding

Do you want to train and become better at snowboarding? If so, you need a good balance board for some home snowboarding training. Balance boards are the perfect way to improve your snowboarding skills since balance is a crucial element of the sport. There are also sorts of benefits of balance boards for snowboarding, but

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5 Good Ski Resorts For Beginners In Colorado

Skiing is not the best winter activity for someone who has never done it before. So, selecting the perfect ski resort for newbies is of utmost importance. The last thing that you want to do is end up with a beginner skier at a resort that doesn’t have any easy slopes. That’s a recipe for

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two hockey players on ice

How To Get Better At Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sport that requires skill and passion by those playing the game. Such a rigorous sport provides the opportunity for players to get better, but there is lots of hard work and motivation required to meet these goals. Becoming a better ice hockey player is not something that will develop over the

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xc ski boots

Best Cross-Country Ski Boots For Beginners & Intermediate XC Skiers (2021)

Performance in any sport, including cross-country skiing, starts with the fundamentals. Balance and coordinated movement moves from the ground up.   Your ability to conquer mile after mile on cross-country skis is boosted by healthy, happy feet. Unfrozen wiggling toes, blister-free heels and supported, yet pliable ankles will allow you to get the most out of the

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Best Downhill Ski Boots For Beginners & Intermediate Skiers (2021)

The quality of your downhill skiing boots has the potential to greatly enhance your skiing experience or completely ruin the experience.  After all, skiing is centered on the point of contact between skis and the snow.  If your boots are uncomfortable or unreliable, you will find the downhill skiing experience much more difficult and unrewarding. 

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xc skiing

Classic vs Skate Cross-Country Skiing: What’s The Difference?

To the casual observer, cross-country (XC) skiing is composed of effortless smooth swooshing through bucolic forest trails. It’s meditative movement that warms the wandering soul. But, do you want to get grumpy fast and burst that bucolic winter snow globe scene? Try gathering up gear, hauling yourself to a Nordic ski center only to find

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Gear Up With Backcountry Skis with Substance and Style (2021)

Headlamp? Check. Navigation device? Check. First-aid kit, gloves, poles? Check, check, check. The list of what you need to enjoy backcountry skiing is lengthy, no doubt. And, yes. You do need it all to make it a safe and, therefore, pleasurable adventure. But, need it be pointed out? Without the correct skis, you will go

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ski storage

How To Store Ski Gear In The Off Season

After a thrilling skiing season comes the off-season. And you know what? It’s time to store your ski gear ready for the next season. It might surprise you that many people don’t know how to store their ski gear. As a result, they miss out on some benefits. Proper care for your skis, boots, and

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Get Ready For The Mountain With The Best Downhill Skis (2021)

Buying new downhill skis is not easy simply because there are so many to choose from.  Between aesthetic design, length, quality of material and other factors, there is plenty to consider.  Review the unique merits and drawbacks of several different types of downhill skis before making a decision and you will move forward in full

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Gear Up With Your Own Cross-Country Skis This Winter (2021)

If the idea of cold crisp air clearing your lungs as your body warms with each movement forward this winter sounds downright delicious to your soul, it’s likely you can find such flow while cross-country skiing.   You can challenge yourself and explore boundaries. You can sink into steady rhythms. Urban skiing can even be fun!

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fast sledding

How To Make A Sled Go Faster

A classic recreational activity, sledding is a great way to remain active even throughout the cold winter season.  However, if your sled is inching along as slowly as a snail or continually getting stuck, it might not seem like too much fun. To enjoy sledding more, you may want to try some of the tips

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XC Ski Bindings: NNN vs SNS Bindings

If you’re relatively new to cross-country skiing, then you might be a bit overwhelmed by all the new gear. Especially the bindings. As you compare the skin binding options available to you know, you’ll notice that there are only two main types. NNN bindings and SNS bindings. But what’s the difference between these two cross-country

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merino wool sheep

Alpaca Wool vs Merino Sheep Wool: What’s The Difference?

My favorite things to wear hiking are my merino wool socks and shirts. I feel like they’re the perfect attire for outdoor adventures, as well as travel. But not everyone can wear merino wool because some people are allergic to it. So when I recently learned about alpaca wool, I was excited to see if

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mountaineering ice axe

What Size Of Ice Axe Do I Need?

If you’ve decided to take up mountaineering, then you’ll need to get yourself a good ice axe. Ice axes come in different sizes, so you’ll have to choose a size before you set out for that high altitude adventure. But which size of ice axe do you need? Well, that depends on a few factors,

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Best Kids Ski & Snowboard Goggles For Family Winter Fun (2021)

If you are on the prowl for kids’ ski goggles, you have no shortage of options.  There are plenty of kids’ ski goggles, each of which has its own unique merits and weaknesses.  Choose wisely and your little one will have his or her own stylish ski goggles that keep the snow and sun glare

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woman skiing

How To Choose Your First Skis

One of the most exciting steps on your journey as a skier is the moment you ditch renting or borrowing skis, and invest in your first pair. There’s something really special about doing the research, shopping around, learning what you want from your skis, and finally committing to your first pair of your very own

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snow camping

Does Eating Snow Dehydrate You?

If you’re doing some backcountry camping or trekking during the winter, and you’re low on water, then you might be tempted to just eat some snow for hydration. After all, snow is really just frozen water, right? Well, yes but that’s not exactly how it works with dehydration. In fact, if you’re feeling dehydrated then

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group of friends outdoors

Last Minute Shopper? These Make Awesome Gifts For Outdoorsy People

Got someone active and outdoorsy on your gift shopping list? Whether you’re shopping for a mountain biking enthusiasts or a snowshoer, there are a few gift options out there that are perfect for all outdoor lovers. It doesn’t matter the occasion – Christmas, birthdays, or some other special day – the gift ideas below are

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stratton ski resort

Best Places To Ski In Vermont For The Season

In the cold months, northern states are a winter wonderland. For snow-enthusiasts, it’s time for ski season. Technically, you can ski anywhere with an incline and powder. Yet not all slopes are created equal. Discover the best places to ski in Vermont and what you can do at each. 1. Okemo Mountain Resort Okemo Mountain

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person skiing

Beginner Tips: How To Dress For Skiing

Skiing is one of winter’s most well loved pastimes. Each and every year, millions of slope aficionados wait patiently for the first snowfall of the year, gathering their gear and making plans for the day on which that first blanket of snow will cover the mountaintops in the north. Skiing, and now snowboarding, are not

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person backcountry skiing in sun

Tips For Your First Backcountry Skiing Trip

After years and years of resort skiing, you’ve probably heard about skiing the backcountry and you may be ready even to go off-piste, but you’re not sure where to start. Don’t worry we got you covered. There are many similar terms thrown around for backcountry skiing: there’s slackcountry, off piste (in Europe), sidecountry etc. They

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the north face clothing tag

How To Wash Your North Face Jacket Without Damaging It

So, you finally saved up the money to buy a one-of-a-kind The North Face jacket—the crème of the crop among your outdoors buddies. These jackets, whether waterproof or not, provide a lot of protection against the cold, water and wind, and are the jackets of choice for most serious hikers, mountaineers, campers and other outdoor

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snwboarder in air

Choosing A Good Snowboard For Beginner Shredding

You may be surprised to learn that snowboarding has eclipsed skiing with participation almost equaling that of cross-country and alpine combined. Most users are under 30 and male. And there’s no denying the adrenaline rush it offers which probably explains the demographics behind the sport. But with the popularity of Olympic snowboarders like Chloe Kim,

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skiing with helmet

Buying Your First Ski or Snowboard Helmet For Beginners Adventures

If you’re a snowboarder, you’re in good company. Nearly 8 million people participate in this activity which is almost as many as alpine and cross-country skiers combined. Aside from your snowboard, your helmet is the most important piece of gear you’ll buy. Think of it as life insurance. It’s an unfortunate fact that beginners have

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snowshoes in the snow

Ultimate Guide To Buying Your First Snowshoes (Updated For 2021)

Looking for an easy entry into snow sports that doesn’t involve you tumbling down the slopes in a tangle of skis and ski poles? Snowshoeing is the perfect option for the skittish snow sports enthusiasts (or the clumsy ones!). And there’s no better way to start then getting a good pair of snowshoes, the proper

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woman snowboarding

13 Beginner Snowboarding Tips: Advice For First-Timers

Are you daydreaming about how amazing it will feel to shred down the mountain once you get yourself a new snowboard and learn the basics? That’s good, because it DOES feel awesome! However, you can’t just buy a new snowboard and start down the mountain popping off anything you see. It takes some practice and lots

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