Work With Us

Here at Active Weekender, we love promoting outdoor brands that we use, like Patagonia and REI. Do you represent a brand or website that targets outdoor enthusiasts like us and our readers? Then we just might be a perfect fit to work together!

Our Audience

Here’s some stats about our audience as of July 2018:

  • 84% of our readers are in the United States
  • Our other top reader locations are the UK (8%) and Canada (3%)
  • 90% of our readers find us via organic search (like Google)
  • We got around 12,000 visitors over the last 30 days
  • 54% of our visitors view our site via a mobile device
  • Our audience skews a bit more female than male
  • Our audience is primarily made up of college educated readers
  • The most popular active sport our readers are interested in is cycling, followed by running and kayaking/paddle boarding

Product Reviews

Do you have an outdoors product that you think would interest our readers? We do accept products for review and sometimes even create videos to go along with our written product review.

Do keep in mind that we do not let free products bias our opinion of any gear that we test. If you send us a product for review, then we will give you a 100% honest review on this site.

Here’s a good example of what we can offer you as a product review:

You can send your products to us at:

Attn: Shawna
10624 S. Eastern Ave.
STE A-265
Henderson, NV 89052

We prefer an email before you send products just to confirm that it’s something that we can review. Contact Shawna at

Depending on the product, the turnaround time for reviews can be up to 60 days. Keep in mind that we are based out of Las Vegas, so we may have to travel to another location in order to be able to adequately review your product.

Guest Posts

Are you a fellow blogger or brand in the outdoors industry looking to reach a similar audience? We love helping to spread the word about awesome brands and blogs that share a similar vision and audience. However, we also get a lot of really terrible low quality pitches from people just looking to score a link from us.

We are VERY selective in who we allow to guest post here at Active Weekender. Your guest post must provide value for our readers and it must be high quality.

Not sure if you’ll make the cut? Here’s some examples of great guest posts we published:

We do require a minimum of 1,000 words — unless you’re including original photos and then it’s just 800 words.

Your guest post should be well written and read like you’re a native English speaker. We don’t want to take the time to make edits to an article before publishing it.

We do allow you to link back to your website in your guest post.

We do not tolerate low quality link building aimed at your guest post. If this happens, then we will immediately remove your post.

Advertising Options

Due to the high number of low quality guest post submissions that we receive each week, Active Weekender now offers a new advertising option for brands and websites — promotional posts.

If you’d like to promote your website to our readers, then you can do so via a promotional post:


  • You submit a 1,000-word well written post = $99
  • We write the post for you = $175.

For the best results and ROI from you advertising dollars, we suggest that you let our in-house writers craft an awesome article and then insert your anchor text/website link. This ensures that we get quality content and that you get an article that is tailored to our audience. We think that this is the best way that we can meet the needs of advertisers like you, as well as our loyal readers.

Turnaround time for these posts is approximately two weeks.

And of course, your article will stay available to our audience indefinitely, continuing to drive traffic, unless you at some point want to take it down.

Please do not send low quality links to your post as part of a tier-2 link building plan.