Dance Puns To Rave About

Want to add a little pop to your dance routine?

We’re swinging in with a doo-wopping number of dance puns to jazz you up.

They may not be standards, but we think they’re a step in the right direction.

So, volta on in and let these fan-tastic puns whisk you away.

General Dance Puns


  • Tempo-ary.
  • On the level.
  • Figureheads.
  • That was smooth.
  • The dance team doesn’t normally lose. It was just bad timing.

Step Up Right

  • Step right up.
  • Ain’t that just the sway?
  • Right this sway.
  • Take me a-sway.
  • I’m not a great dancer yet, but I’ve taken a step in the right direction.
  • I was overheating all night at the club, but fine by Sunday morning. It was just Saturday Night Fever.

Dance Puns by Style

toe lead small


  • Toe lead or not toe lead.
  • Follow my lead.
  • We wanted to do some slower dances, but we were full out.
  • Let’s call it.
  • Where’s my cue?


  • Hustler.
  • Swinger.
  • Let’s get ready to rumba!
  • Learning to dance is easy. You can get started in a few quicksteps.
  • I’d like to go to the dance studio, but I’m worried, because I always break dance.


  • Pointe of no return.
  • What’s the pointe?
  • I’ve got attitude.
  • The ballerina killed her audition, but it was a low barre.
  • Tutu for now.

Punny Dancing Jokes

All of these dance jokes feature punny punchlines.

hula owl


Q: What dance do owls prefer?

A: Hoo-la.


Q: Why do cows and dogs have a harder time dancing than chickens and monkeys?

A: Cows and dogs have two left feet.

Q: Why was the chicken afraid to go to the dance?

A: It heard there was going to be a foxtrot.

Q: What do you call it when insects dance around your porch light at night?

A: A moth ball.

Q: What do you call an organized dance for butchers?

A:  A meat ball.

Q: What’s NASA’s official dance?

A: The moonwalk.                    moonwalk

Q: What do you call a ballerina with no shoes?

A: Poinetless.

Q: Why don’t spirits attend balls?

A: They have no body to dance with.

Q: Why did the dancer get in trouble for wearing shoes?

A: It was a sock hop.

Well, did we relevé you of your stress or are we about to have a throwdown?

We swear we’re not trying to polka fun at dance and we know some of these are a little off-beat, but top line? We still think they’re a decent set.

It’s all right if you want to drop us. We’ll bounce back.

Let us just shuffle on out of here.

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