What To Know About Pure Barre Pricing and Membership Cost (2023)

Wanna get fit in a fun way that totally doesn’t even feel like exercise?

Then a Pure Barre class might be just what you’re looking for.

The mental and physical benefits of a Pure Barre session are pretty insane.

Their group lessons are set to music and designed to help you strengthen and tone your body in as little as 50 minutes.

With four different group classes to choose from, Pure Barre provides clients with a wide variety of low-impact, high-intensity workouts that target the whole body to increase muscle strength, agility, and flexibility.

Sound interesting? We’ve got everything you need to know about how much Pure Barre classes cost.

Pure Barre Prices & Membership Cost

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In case you’re interested in joining Pure Barre but aren’t sure how much it’ll cost, the info below will provide you a quick overview of the various membership tiers and their respective rates.

But the most important to know is that you can sign up for your first class for free!

Check out the following for pricing details on Pure Barre’s many offerings:

Membership Pricing – 1 Month Unlimited

  • Initiation Fee (One Person) – $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (One Person) – $199.99
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) – $0.00

Membership Pricing – 1 Month Unlimited Special

  • Initiation Fee (One Person) – $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (One Person) – $100.99
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) – $0.00

Classes Pricing

1 Class$22.00
5 Classes$100.00
10 Classes$190.00
15 Classes$270.00
20 Classes$340.00

    Pure Barre Pricing Best Deal

    If you’re looking for the best value among Pure Barre’s membership options, the Unlimited Special membership will set you back $100 per month.

    It’s the exact same membership as the standard Unlimited, except that it has a cheaper price due to it being a special.

    Note that there is no initiation charge for either the Unlimited or the Unlimited Special membership.

    Classes can be purchased individually for $22, or in money-saving bundles of 5 for $100, 10 for $190, $15 for $270, or 20 for $340.

    What Classes Does Pure Barre Offer?

    As you prepare to go to Pure Barre for the first time, you should know that they have four different classes for you to consider.

    These class types are: Foundations, Classic, Pure Reform, and Pure Empower.

    pure barre class

    The Foundations class is perfect for those who are new to Pure Barre.

    With this class, you learn the fundamentals of barre and be ready for more advanced sessions.

    The Classic type of class is what is known as the OG, or the original barre class.

    During the 50 minutes that pass in the Classic class, you’ll engage in high-intensity isometric moves that have little to no impact on your joints and noticeably tone and strengthen your body. 

    The Pure Reform class focuses on giving you a full-body working that reshapes those muscle groups with some resistance training.

    The Pure Empower class is all about getting that cardio time in. Your heart rate will get a boost as you do this class that combines cardio and barre with a side of ankle weights for a metabolism boost.

    How Much Is Pure Barre GO (Pure Barre Xponential+)?

    If you prefer to workout at home instead of in a class, then Pure Barre GO (now called Xponential+) is the ideal choice for you.

    With Xponential+, you get the world’s best studio barre workouts from Pure Barre on demand.

    Once you sign up to this paid digital subscription, you get access to all of the on-demand classes for $30 per month after a seven-day trial.

    After that free trial period, the cost is just $30 each month.

    How To Get A Free Guest Pass At Pure Barre

    Day passes to Pure Barre classes are super easy for anyone to get as a first-timer.

    Prospective members should merely browse the site, locate the “free barre class” link in the upper right corner, and click it to be taken to the form submission page.

    Because each Pure Barre studio has its unique policies, prospective members need to specify where they hope to sign up.

    The website makes it easy to do a search by entering a ZIP code.

    Members can view the entire address and contact information for each location right on the website.

    What Is Pure Barre?

    When you think of Pure Barre, you probably think of a fitness company aimed squarely towards women.

    The majority of their classes are modeled after ballet studio environments and feature the use of a barre, hence the name.

    Although Pure Barre has a strong female audience, guys are welcome to sign up for courses.

    In contrast to other fitness centers, Pure Barre concentrates on group workouts or classes.

    In essence, Pure Barre is a fitness brand that emphasizes teamwork and camaraderie in the pursuit of fitness.

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