Shake The Weight Off With A Vibration Machine (2021)

You may have heard people raving about the health benefits of vibration machines and vibration plates and wondered what they were talking about.

Vibration machines are more than just the latest craze in exercise science.

Some people think they are the exercise machine of the future.

Many devices claim to allow you to get in an effective work out without exerting yourself.

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What is a Vibration Machine?

Vibration machines are unique in that their benefits are scientifically proven.  

They provide real, comprehensive benefits to their users.  As long as you know what to look for, you can see these benefits too.

Of course, you’ll also have to know how to use the machine properly, but it is easy to learn.

Vibration machines are proven to be good for multiple aspects of the body if used correctly.

The same cannot be said about treadmills.

To fully understand why you should take the plunge and buy an exercise machine, you need to see an overview of the machine and its benefits.

The History of Vibration Machines

To understand the positive effects a vibration machine can have on your life, you must learn how it works.

Vibration machines are very technologically advanced. In fact, they were originally created for the cosmonauts of the Russian space program.

They were designed to have a wide-reaching set of physical benefits to prepare the cosmonauts for the physical rigors of space.

The Design of a Vibration Machine

The design of a vibration machine is based around a platform called a “vibration plate.”

The vibration plate is built so that the person working out simply has to stand on it to use the machine.

Personal trainers recommend that people using vibration machines bend their knees at a roughly 30 degree angle.

This gives them greater stability, which is necessary because the power plate vibrates at roughly 30 oscillations per second.  

Those who need even more stability can sit or lie on the machine, although the benefits they see may not be as significant as those who stand.

An Introduction to Using a Vibration Machine

No matter what posture you choose when using the machine, your body reacts to it the same way.

Your brain interprets each and every vibration as a signal that you’re falling down.

Your involuntary response to this sensation is to tense all of the muscles in your body.

As each vibration lasts only an instant, your body’s response to it also only lasts for a fraction of a second.

This may sound insignificant, but keep in mind that your muscles are tensing at a rate of 30 flexes a second.

If you spend just a few minutes on a vibration machine, your muscles will have tensed many thousands of times.

The Stress Reflex

The reflexive tensing of the body’s muscles seen in vibration machine exercise is called “the stress reflex.”  

To get a better understanding of why vibration machines are so effective in so many areas of the body, you must better understand the stress reflex.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

The stress reflex, like many of the body’s reflexive reactions to stimuli, is poorly understood, even by scientists.

However, certain aspects of its causes and effects on the body are known.

The most important thing is that the stress reflex is harmless, and it is a normal bodily function.

It causes nearly all of the muscle in the body to flex powerfully and rapidly.

This is totally involuntary, which means that you have no control over this reaction at all.

Long term activation of this reflex shows no harm at all to the mental or physical aspects of the body.

Exercising While On the Vibration Machine

Advocates of vibration machines even say that they can increase the effectiveness of exercises performed while on the machine.

They say that the extra resistance caused by the slight instability of the machine increases the load on the muscles without noticeably increasing exertion.

Working out while on a vibration machine isn’t for everybody, but it is certainly worth a try.

Benefits of Using Vibration Machines

There are many benefits to be gained from the usage of a vibration machine. Some of these benefits may seem unrelated, but they all stem from the same mechanism.

The benefits seen from the usage of vibration machines include better circulation, enhanced muscular strength, and improved flexibility.

Dedicated users of vibration machines may even gain increased range of motion, stronger core conditioning and improved stability, along with quicker muscle recovery after a workout.

The health benefits don’t stop at physical performance, however.

Regular vibration machine users can realize faster metabolisms, higher bone densities, and better bodily management of hormones.

Some even say that vibration machines can reduce cellulite and increase production of collagen for more youthful skin.

Benefits for People Who Can’t Exercise Traditionally

While the benefits seen for people with relatively healthy bodies are considerable, the benefits for people who can’t exercise traditionally are life-changing.

People with conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and severe arthritis can use vibration machines to exercise passively.

This is the only way they can get the exercise their body needs to stay as healthy as possible.

Vibration Machine Benefits for the Elderly

While there has not yet been much research into the effects that vibration machines have on the elderly, the research that has been completed resulted in some very interesting and promising findings.

While vibration machines are great for healthy people and people who can’t exercise traditionally, they may be just as good for the elderly.

Studies have shown that use of whole-body vibration machines can actually reduce back pain, as long as the vibration machines are used properly.

As the elderly are particularly susceptible to back pain and often find it difficult to exercise traditionally, vibration machines may allow a significant improvement in their cost of living.

The reduction of back pain is not the only benefit important to elderly people, however.

It is important to note that the vibration machine has been proven to improve balance.

As older people are at a high risk of falls, an improvement in balance can not only reduce the risk of a painful accident, it can improve their peace of mind.

This is vital for an elderly person with many health concerns, especially if they live alone and do not have somebody to help them out in the event of an accident.

Another benefit that vibration machines offer is the reduction of bone loss.

The human body naturally loses bone density as it ages.

This phenomenon, combined with a loss of balance and agility, causes many problems for the elderly.

Not only are they more likely to fall, their bones are more likely to be broken or fractured by these falls.

The fact that vibration machines can treat both of the factors that make falls so risky and dangerous for the elderly mean that every senior and every person that takes care of a senior should look into them.

Scientific Proof

Many alternative exercise products make impressive claims and fail to back them up.

The vibration machine, on the other hand, does back up its impressive claims.

There have been many scientific studies into the efficacy of the machine, and all of them have concluded that it possesses significant and varied benefits.

The hard evidence that supports the usage of vibration machines has helped make them more mainstream than they were before.

For example, a study completed by the University of Antwerp (Belgium) found that obese women who combined exercise on a vibration machine with a proper diet lost more weight over the long term than women who followed a proper diet and exercised conventionally.

It is important to note that the women who used the vibration machines did exercise while on the machines.

Some of the exercises they performed included pushups, squats, and crunches.

They did not merely sit or stand on the machine.

In this study, the women followed their respective programs for six months.

The group of women that used vibration plates lost 11% of their body fat, which is an excellent result for a six month regime.

The women that did not use vibration plates lost 7% of their body weight, which is still a respectable result but is significantly lower.

Another surprising and significant result of this study was the discovery that women that used the vibration plates lost more belly fat.

This is especially important, as belly fat is notoriously difficult to lose.

In the same vein, researchers were surprised to find that women that used vibration plates had more success keeping weight off than women who followed conventional exercise regimes.

Considerations Before Buying a Vibration Machine

A vibration machine is a big purchase, both literally and figuratively.

If you are thinking about purchasing one, you should consider your options carefully to make sure you find one that fits your needs.

There are many different machines on the market, so you should be able to find one that suits you, no matter your situation.

While you need to look for features relevant to you and your situation, there are a few features that every quality vibration machine has.

Keeping an eye out for these specs will help you avoid some of the machines that don’t meet the high standards that home exercise equipment should.

It Should Have Different Settings To Suit You

Believe it or not, some vibration machines either don’t have different settings or don’t have enough settings to fit everybody.

Before buying a vibration machine, take a good look at the settings it offers.

The specifications should include information about this, don’t feel ashamed if you need a machine that has very low settings.

One of the best things about vibration machines is their ability to accommodate people of all physical conditions.

The Machine Should Feature Ergonomic Support Bars

One often overlooked feature of vibration machines is their support bars. 

It is important that the support bars be sized and located in a way that makes them easy to use.

Otherwise, you will not end up actually using them.

Obviously, this is unsafe. It will also decrease the effectiveness of the machine.

Keep in mind that vibration machines are very safe when used correctly.

It Should Have a Non-slip Surface

As previously mentioned, vibration machines are extremely safe when used correctly.

Part of correct usage is making sure you have secure footing on the machine when you are using it.

Of course, there has to be a good surface for secure footing, Most machines have high-quality non-slip surfaces.

Some of the cheaper machines might not have this feature.

This is certainly one of the things that someone looking to buy a vibration machine should take a look at.

If you are buying a machine online, make sure to look closely at the pictures of the surface.

Also, read up on the specifications, like what kind of non-slip material the manufacturer used.

The Machine Should Be Relatively Compact and Light

You may have seen very large and heavy-looking vibration machines at your local gym.

These machines may be a little more powerful or slightly more durable than home vibration machines.

If you are tempted to get a vibration machine designed for use in a gym and put it in your house, think twice.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to move it around, not just when you move to a different house but whenever you are redoing the interior of your current house.

If the machine is too big and heavy for you to move by yourself, this can be a big problem.

It may even be impossible if there is no one to help you.

Thankfully, vibration machines designed for home use are small and light enough to be moved around by one person.

They are nearly as powerful as vibration machines designed for gym use.

Most people find them more than effective enough for what they are trying to do.

It is important to note that these smaller, lighter, home machines are also easier on your wallet.

Vibration Machine Usage Tips

While the evidence supports claims of nearly any sort of exercise becoming more effective with a vibration machine, there are several types of exercises that are especially effective when done on a vibration machine.

It is important that you know the right way to do these exercises on a vibration machine, so you can see the full benefits of this new way of working out.

Below are a few tips for several different types of exercises you should try on your vibration machine.

Exercises for Your Abs

Abdominal workouts have been proven to be greatly enhanced when done on a vibration machine.

Everybody wants to have a sexy six pack, and doing crunches on a vibration plate will help you get one.

When doing sit-ups or crunches on a vibration plate, you should put your back to the controls and stretch your legs off the end of the machine.

This will give you the greatest stability and range of motion.

Another popular exercise performed while standing on a vibration plate is a twist while holding a weighted exercise ball.

Make sure to stand with your feet as far apart as possible on the plate. Twist from side to side slowly and smoothly.

Lifting Weights While On a Vibration Machine

Some of the popular weight lifting exercises performed on a vibration machine include curls, tricep extensions, and various types of presses.

Experts recommend that people lifting weights on a vibration machine use lighter weights so they can concentrate on performing the exercises properly.

Working out on a vibration plate is not the best time to try and max out, as the strain of doing so may cause you to lose your balance.

It is better to use lighter weights, do more reps, and focus on using the proper weightlifting techniques.

Resistance Workouts

While workouts with weights work well with vibration machines, It is more than possible to get a good workout on a vibration machine without using any weights.

This sort of exercise is called “body weight resistance,” and is very easy to perform properly.

Squats are normally done with weights, but can be done without weights on a vibration plate to great effect.

Many people like to grasp the support bars when doing squats on a vibration plate.

This allows for greater stability.

However, be sure to avoid actually putting weight on the support bars. This will decrease the effectiveness of your workout.

Lunges are also particularly effective when performed on a vibration machine.

However, they are a little more difficult to perform properly on a vibration plate than they are when standing on the floor.

It is important that you follow the recommended procedure for doing lunges on a vibration plate to ensure stability and effectiveness.

First, face away from the machine. Reach back and place one foot on the plate.

Place your other foot on the ground in front of you.

Once you have positioned your feet properly, perform the lunge like you would if both your feet were on the floor.

While lunges and squats are the best known resistance exercises done with vibration machines, they are certainly not the only ones.

Pushups are also popular.

Some people may find it difficult to perform pushups in the standard way, especially when using a vibration machine.

These people may want to do pushups on their knees, with their hands on the machine.

Stretching On a Vibration Plate

After you’ve finished working out on your machine, it is time to stretch.

Experts recommend that you complete your stretching regime after you work out, as your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are warm and pliable.

Vibration machines can make stretching more effective, especially when you’re performing leg stretches.

Calf stretches, for example, are great to do on a vibration plate.

To do calf stretches on a vibration machine, hold the support bars, place one foot on the plate and one foot behind you, and crouch slightly until you feel the tension in your calf.

After you’ve finished your calf stretches, you can stretch out your hamstrings by standing on the plate and bending forward until your hands touch the floor behind the machine.

Are Vibration Machines Good for You?

All of the available evidence supports claims of wide-reaching benefits from vibration machines.

However, it is important to note that using the machine by itself will not be effective.

Vibration plates were designed to allow exercises and stretching to be performed on the machine.

It is is the combination of working out at the same time as using the vibration machine that is so effective.

It is also vital that you follow a healthy diet. A healthy diet prepares your body for working out.

If your body is not functioning optimally do to an unbalanced diet, the exercises you perform will not have as much effect.

This means that the vibration plate will not help enhance these stretches and exercises as much as it would otherwise.

When discussing whether or not a vibration machine is good for you,  dispelling myths of negative results is necessary.

Since shortly after vibration machines hit the market, people have been making claims that their usage can have negative effects on the body.

When the vibration machine is used properly, this is not the case. Improper usage can cause negative effects, but this is true of any exercise machine.

Some have claimed that the shaking from vibration plates can have various unwanted effects on the body, such as back pain.

Many experts recommend that you have a professional show you how to use your vibration machine before you begin using it regularly yourself.

These experts do not need to actually be with you in person.

Following the instructions that came with the machine and watching online videos (if necessary) will allow you to see how you are supposed to use the machine. Be sure to follow these guidelines closely.

if you work out with a personal trainer, try and find one who is familiar with the benefits of vibration plates and how to achieve the best results with these machines.

Some personal trainers, even reputable and experienced professionals, are not experts with vibration machines due to their relatively recent appearance in the exercise world.

Don’t be afraid to ask any trainers you’re interested in working with about their experience with vibration machines.

Good personal trainers are used to answering questions about their experience and expertise from prospective clients, and they will provide you with an honest answer.

Vibration Machines Vs. Treadmills

Many people who are thinking about buying a home exercise machine have to make a decision between buying a treadmill or buying a vibration machine.

This can be a hard decision, as treadmills are undeniably effective as exercise machines.

However, a comparison of the most important aspects of owning and using a vibration machine versus owning and using a treadmill shows that vibration machines are the better choice for most people.

If you have a lot of spare cash, a great deal of space in your home, extensive experience working out, are already in good shape, and only want to run, then the treadmill is probably the right choice for you.

If any of these things don’t apply to you, you’re going to want to get the vibration machine for your exercise needs. Here’s why.

Most Vibration Machines Cost Less

It would be great if everybody had enough money to buy whatever exercise machines they wanted, but this is just not the case. Most people have to choose one to suit as many of their needs as possible. Treadmills are extremely expensive, with some models running you over a thousand dollars. Vibration machines, on the other hand, cost hundreds less.

Treadmills Are Huge; Vibration Machines Aren’t

Another important factor when deciding between buying a treadmill and buying a vibration machine is space.

Most people have a limited amount of space where they can put an exercise machine.

Treadmills are four to five times as big as vibration machines.

You may simply not have enough space in your home for a treadmill.

Even if you do, keep in mind that the space taken up by your treadmill may force you to move or get rid of some of your other possessions.

Take Ease of Use Into Account

Vibration machines are very easy to use, when the instructions are followed.

Treadmills, on the other hand, are deceptively hard to use. It is easy to injure yourself on a treadmill.

Even if you are using it correctly, you could slip and fall. Treadmills are also hard on the body.

Vibration machines don’t cause stress injuries like treadmills.

Running on a treadmill is what’s known as a high-impact exercise, meaning there is a great deal of force being applied to your joints and ligaments.

Vibration machines, on the other hand, are the lowest -impact exercise machines possible.

You simply place yourself on the machine and do whatever exercise you need to do.

Using a Treadmill Requires Greater Exertion

Obviously, running on a treadmill is very hard work. While you can get some great results from working out so hard, many people’s bodies simply can’t take it.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. You have to listen to your body and respect its limitations.

For the large number of people who can’t put themselves through the exertion of running on a treadmill, a vibration machine is a better choice.

It is also important to note that many people end up not working out on a treadmill as much as they plan to do because it is so hard.

You may end up working out more with a vibration machine, which will give you better results in the end.

Vibration Machines Are More Versatile

On a treadmill, you can walk, jog, or run. You are limited to performing the same exercise at varying levels of intensity.

Vibration machines, on the other hand, are the polar opposite.

You can perform a wide variety of different exercises on a vibration machine, as shown in this article.

No matter what exercise you choose, the vibration plates will enhance its effectiveness.

This versatility is perhaps the greatest positive aspect of a vibration machine.

Many other exercise machines are marketed as “the most versatile machine on the sale today,” but the vibration machine is the only one that actually lives up to the hype.

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