Water Sports

Water Sports

Plan Your Next Water Sports Adventure

Looking for a fun way to stay active during the summer? Here at Active Weekender we think that water sports offer the best activities when it comes to keeping cool while staying active.

From low key fun like snorkeling to adrenaline-packed wakeboarding sessions, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Check out our guides and resources below to get tips on water-based fun that will get your heart pumping. From beginners to more advanced skill levels, we’ve got you covered.

Latest in Water Sports

Get A Good Snorkel Mask For Beginners

If you want to get yourself a good quality mask for snorkeling, you are going to want to make sure that it is going to be comfortable and leak proof. Without knowing anything about snorkel masks, it can be quite difficult to determine which masks in the marketplace meet these standards and which fail to

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dog life jacket

Get Your Pup A Dog Life Jacket For Kayaking, SUPing and Boating

There are many who feel that their dog doesn’t need a life jacket. He’s a natural born swimmer, right? That’s not exactly the case. Some dogs are all about the water while others don’t mesh with it so well, but regardless, there’s no predicting what could happen while you’re on or near the water that

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snorkel puerto rico

10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Puerto Rico

If you are visiting Puerto Rico, then you may be searching for something fun and exciting to do while you are here. With the beautiful beaches and sparkling water the island has to offer, it is easy to see why snorkeling is so popular here. There are a few spots you should know about when

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catalina island

9 Best Snorkeling Spots on Catalina Island

It’s no wonder that Catalina Island — officially known as Santa Catalina Island — has a reputation as hot spot for the “beautiful people.” The tiny island, located off southern California, has plenty of protected coves, harbors and beaches, as well as warm water brimming with exotic sea life. You certainly don’t have to be

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snorkeling in bahamas

9 Best Snorkeling Spots in The Bahamas

The Bahamas, consisting of over 700 islands and over 2000 coral reefs, is one of the trendiest vacation spots in the world. In fact, the US Department of State estimates that between 5-6 million people visit the Bahamas each year. With luxury resorts and ample outdoor recreational opportunities, it’s no wonder why the Bahamas attract

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kayaks in sea cave Croatia

10 Best Kayaking Locations In The World for Beginners

Kayaking is a relatively easy sport to begin – with just a simple lesson and understanding of the technique you’ll be ready to get in the water and start paddling. Although it doesn’t take long to start paddling, perfection does take some time, and beginners usually do best in protected waters with small waves like

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7 Best Places To Go Canoeing in Michigan

With lots of great waterways throughout the state, Michigan has a lot of great spots for you to take out your canoe for a lazy afternoon. If you’re looking for some great spots this weekend, check out our list below of our top picks. You won’t be disappointed if you head out on any of

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15 Best Places To Go Canoeing in Texas

Whether you’re deep in Texas Hill Country, deep in the bustling city of Dallas, or elsewhere in the Lonestar State, you’re never that far from a great spot to take out your canoe. There is definitely no shortage of Texas spots for your weekend canoeing trip! We managed to narrow it down to our 15

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5 Best Places To Go Canoeing in Arkansas

Looking for a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon in Arkansas? Well, if you’re a local, then you already know that there are a lot of great spots to take out the canoe on the weekend. We’ve checked out some of the most popular spots in the state to come up with our list

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SUP Paddles: Choosing The Best Paddle Board Paddle

If you are shopping for a good stand up paddle board or already own one, then you might end up with one of those cheap paddles that come with the iSUP sets, like the Tower Adventurer set. This page contains some affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission,

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isup pump

Use An Electric Pump To Inflate An Inflatable SUP Board?

If you have seen my list of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards for beginners, then you already know that I am a big fan of the iSUP sets that come with a paddle and pump. And I make no secret just how much I love the Tower Adventurer iSUP. Of course, in my

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Feeling Fatigued After Swimming? Learn Why

Experts agree that swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for full-body fitness. Propelling yourself across a body of water uses your entire body. Arms. Shoulders. Back. Core. Legs. It works a lot and it seems to work it hard. Recently I have been swimming daily as the place that I’m staying

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Tips To Keep You Warm When Surfing In Cold Water

Just because the warm weather is ending does not mean that you have to hang up that surfboard for the season. As any surfing enthusiast knows, you can keep riding those waves all year long. Of course, when that water starts getting cold out there, it means that you have to take measures to keep

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surf booties

Top 3 Best Surf Booties Reviewed For 2019 – 2020

When you are gearing up to surf, a good pair of surf booties is one of the most essential pieces of surf gear for any surfer out there. If you start to shop for a pair, then you will quickly discover that there is a lot of variety in terms of features and prices. And

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