Yoga Puns For A Few LOLs In Between The Moments Of Zen

Want to be a punny yogi?

We’ve searched deep within to find some of the most twisted yoga puns around.

It was a mountain of a task, but we like to think we’re warriors.

So, stretch out and enjoy.

yoga ow and zen

  • Yoga gets me bent out of shape.
  • I like yoga, but it puts me in an awkward position.
  • Yoga is hard core.
  • Yoga is core-ny.


  • Yoga is hatha.
  • I got a yin for yoga.
  • Just going with the flow.
  • Get your asana mat.

yoga inquire

  • Lifelong yoga practitioners are in for one long stretch.
  • Yogis are amazing. They bend over backwards to help.
  • I can never find time to do yoga. I just don’t have the flexibility.
  • There was a murder before yoga. It was pre-meditated.

stand corrected

  • Yoganna love it.
  • Yogatta try harder.
  • Yogatta give it your all.
  • Yoganna be more flexible.

Punny Yoga Jokes

up dog


Q: What’s up, dog?

A: A pose similar to cobra.


Q: What do you call the sound of a room full of yogis breathing ?

A: Yoga pants.

Q: Why did the donut struggle with yoga?

A: It couldn’t find its center.

Q: What yoga move can you do after you’re dead?

A: Decom-pose

Q: What do you call a nun doing yoga?

A: A twisted sister.

Q: What’s a yogi’s favorite pizza?

A: One with everything.

pirate plank



Q: What’s a pirate’s least favorite yoga pose?

A: The plank.


Q: Why did the yogi return the blender?

A: Too many attachments.

Q: Why do yogis take such good care of their teeth?

A: They’re transcend-dental.

Q: What is an exhibitionist’s favorite yoga pose?

A: The ex-pose.

Q: What type of fish likes yoga?

A: Prana.

Q: What’s a yoga student’s favorite insult?

The half moon.

Well, did we tree-t you right, or totally miss the boat?

We hope you’re not all bent out of shape. We just won’t stand for it.

Please, don’t send warriors after us. We’re not ready to be corpses!


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