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Hiking and Climbing Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia

Since I stayed in Göreme while visiting Cappadocia, the trail through Pigeon Valley was one of the closest ones to my hotel. In all honesty the day that I did this hike my intention was to hike up to Uçhisar to see the castle (you can see it in the far distance in the center of the photo above). However, a wrong turn at poor set of signs (and my own lack of a map that day), … [Read More...]

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Family Camping In Comfort: Cool Glamping Options

Growing up, my earliest camping memory is shivering in the freezing cold up against my mom in a drafty tent. I was young and we were on a camping trip with my aunt and uncle. Other than the cold, the only other things that I remember are the insane number of … [Read More...]

camping tents

Should You Use A Ground Cover Under The Tent?

If you are planning a camping trip, then you might want to consider adding a tarp to your list of essential camping gear.Why? Because tarps are great for ground cover under your tent.Do you have to put something down under your tent? Nope. But you … [Read More...]

hiking sandals

Is It Safe To Hike In Sandals?

Whenever I hike in the summer in my Keen boots, I end up with sweaty feet due to the warmth outside. And sometimes that summer heat and sweating leads to painful blisters. This got me to wondering if I should trade in my well-loved hiking boots for a pair of … [Read More...]