Calisthenics Puns To Give You The LOLs

Want to be punny while you throw your weight around?

We fluttered through rows and rows of real bombers to find the best calisthenics puns.

We’re not trying to gr-handstand, but we tried to pike the best ones we could.

Hope they lever up your day.

chin up

  • I got into a funk doing calisthenics, but I pulled myself up.
  • There are a lot of dips in calisthenics.
  • Calisthenics wide-hands your horizon.
  • Sometimes, during calisthenics, I get in a row.

l of time

  • On the incline.
  • I’m inclined to get stronger.
  • Drink in calisthenics. It’ll give you the burpees.


  • Squat team.
  • Lunges are a big step forward.
  • Cap’n Crunch.
  • Crunches are serious ab-use.

Punny Calisthenics Jokes

These jokes about calisthenics and bodyweight exercise all feature punny punchlines.

bigfoot 2


Q: Why’s that big hairy guy crushing everything when he squats?

A: Oh, don’t worry. That’s just sat-squat-sh.


Q: Which mythical monster loves crunches the most?

A: The Abdominal Snowman.

Q: What’s a soda drinker’s favorite exercise?

A: The burpee.

Q: What do you do when you hit 100 burpees?

A: Ask someone to pat you on the back to try to get rid of them.

Q: What do the strongest pirates have to walk?

A: The side plank.



Q: What’s a lazy exerciser’s favorite workout?

A: The diddly squat.

Q: How much will a lazy exerciser spend on a gym membership?

A: Jack squat.

Q: What’s an exercise enthusiast’s favorite treat from the ice cream truck?

A: A push-up.

Q: What’s an exercise enthusiast’s favorite meal of the day?

A: Lunge.

Q: Want to come over and workout later?

A: I’d love to, but I’m in a crunch right now.

Q: What do you call crunches, planks, and flutter kicks given by a priest as penance?

A: Abs-solution.

Q: Are you still worried about your belly fat?

A: No. I’ve been ab-solved.

Well, did we core-ctly choose these puns or are you inclined to put us on pikes?

Hope we didn’t decline in your estimation.

Sorry if we’ve been dips.

Don’t pull out the switchblade. We’re waving the flag.

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