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tree with sap oozing

How To Get Tree Sap Out Of Clothes (and Shoes)

If you have ever got tree sap on your clothes, you already know how frustrating it can be. That’s because trying to get tree sap out of your clothes always seems like a losing proposition. Odds are, if you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, you have probably even thrown an article of clothing or two

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jetboil stove being lit

Jetboil MiniMo vs. MicroMo – Which Is Better For Campers?

The MiniMo and MicroMo are both made by the Jetboil company, and each of these cooking systems offers a unique way to cook when enjoying the great outdoors. But which one is the better option for your outdoor cooking needs? To help you understand the differences and similarities in these two cooking systems, below we

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tent with raindrops

Tips For Camping In The Rain

Nothing can spoil a beautiful outdoor camping adventure much like rain. After you have made your plans, waited patiently yet anxiously for the weekend to arrive, packed and loaded your car and made the long drive to your camping destination and campsite, you begin to see the low, black, threatening clouds overhead—clouds filled with rain

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two tents in a field

Tent Footprint vs. Tarp: What’s The Difference?

Tent camping is a pursuit enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. Each and every year carloads of these hearty individuals make their way to some outdoor nirvana to spend a few nights out under the stars, and each relies on their tent to protect them from the elements as they slumber away. However,

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yeti cooler on river bank

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? (And Are They Worth It?)

Campers and other outdoors people use coolers to keep their drinks and snacks cold when they are enjoying the wide open skies. Coolers also serve a variety of other purposes, and are even used in certain facets of the medical field. And when it comes to coolers, nobody does it better than YETI. Since their

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