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waterproof tent in foggy mountain valley

Camp In Any Weather With The Best Tents for Rain and Wind

Are you looking for a tent that can withstand the pounding caused by rain and high winds? If so, you have come to the right place. Here we have reviewed several of the best tents for rain and wind and highlighted the pros and cons associated with each model. We have also included a Waterproof

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hammock camping in foggy outdoors

Cold Weather Hammock Camping Tips

For most people, camping is considered a strictly warm weather activity. In fact, most of your average weekend outdoor enthusiasts do not even think about unpacking their tent, camp gear and sleeping bags until the chill of spring has totally subsided. However, there are thousands of adventure seekers across the globe that just cannot wait

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tents in the forest at night

How To Clean A Tent After Camping In It

A tent can be your saving grace when camping. Not only does a tent keep the elements off you from above, but also from the sides and the bottom, where you ultimately lay your head down to sleep. Tents can be a camper’s savior in a wide array of environments, from the very hot to

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two camping hammocks in the forest

How To Sleep In A Hammock Properly

How do you sleep in a hammock properly and correctly? Is there a right or wrong way to sleep in a hammock? Most importantly, how do you sleep comfortably in a hammock without feeling like you are always about to fall off the darn thing? This may sound tricky, but fortunately, the second task is

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person hammock camping

How To Use Hammock Straps For Backpacking And Camping

Sleeping on a hammock can offer lots of rest and relaxation. However, before you can enjoy all of these great benefits you first need to figure out how to use the straps that came with your hammock purchase. This can be a bit tricky, as there are many different types of straps and each of

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camp cooking

How To Wash Dishes When Camping

The invention of the automatic dishwasher several decades ago meant that hand washing dishes would become a lost art.  And it did. In fact, some people have very little idea how to properly hand wash their dishes at home, let alone when camping. In this article we intend to educate or re-educate you on how

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