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tent with raindrops

How To Waterproof A Tent

There are plenty of great things to love about camping—the sights and sounds of the wilderness, the fresh air, and tasty treats around a roaring campfire. However, there is one occurrence that is NOT very great—the sight, sound or feel of water penetrating into the inside of your tent. Although rainy nights are usually a

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group around a campfire

Campfire Tips: How to Bank a Fire

Starting a campfire out in the open, whether you are throwing a party in your backyard or camping in a far-off wilderness location, can be very difficult to say the least. It can even be much more difficult if you are dealing with issues of wind or rain or even hail. This is why most

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summer camping in mountains

How To Stay Cool While Camping On Warm Nights

Camping is one of the world’s most loved outdoor activities. Every summer, millions of Americans pack up their cars, trucks and trailers and head out for their favorite wilderness spot. And while the fun of camping simply cannot be matched, sometimes the heat of the midday sun can become unbearable, especially for high-risk groups such

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cottonmouth snake in water

How To Identify A Water Moccasin (Cottonmouth Snakes)

There are many people out there that erroneously assume every swimming or water snake is a water moccasin. Nothing could actually be further from the truth. In fact, most snakes can technically swim, even those you might not think could like the diamond head rattlesnake. And in the places where water moccasins actually live and

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51 Instant Pot Camping Recipes For Delicious Camp Meals

The nice thing about car camping, or even RV camping, is that your camp food choices aren’t limited by what you want to carry in your pack. And if there’s one way to serve up tasty meals that please even the orneriest of campers, it’s setting up your Instant Pot at camp. So, if you’re

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people playing cornhole outside

7 Fun Camping Games for Adults

While the great outdoors offers plenty of activities with which one can adequately fill their day on a camping trip — activities like fishing, hiking, boating or just relaxing with a good book — some campers like to double their fun and kick things up a notch by playing games when they camp. Camping games

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