Cappadocia Hiking: Exploring Çavuşin

From where I stayed in Göreme, getting to Çavuşin was very easy. I’d guess that it was less than 3 kilometers total and I walked it.

The most direct route between the two is to just walk along the main road that heads toward Avanos (the opposite direction from Uçhisar). The village of Çavuşin is located directly off this road, however the old town area where you will want to get to for some hiking is located a bit back from the road.

In fact, when I could see this area coming into view, I just cut through some fields instead of following the road the entire way. If you want to do the same, you will come to some fields on your right with a dirt road through the middle of them.

This dirt road is popular with the atv riders, so you may see some of them on it. Just walk down that and it will put you on the smaller road that takes you directly into the old town area.

If you’re wondering why you should go to Çavuşin, then let me tell you about the cool old cave houses there.

Çavuşin cave houses

You can actually see the old cave houses, which are actually the old village, long before you arrive in the center of town. People lived in those houses up until the 1950s.

And they only stopped living there because it was becoming unsafe to stay. Time has not been kind to the dwellings and the weather has eroded many of them.

But the really cool thing is that you can climb up and explore them all you want! Like every place that I hiked and explored in Turkey, there are no guard rails or safety walls, so you definitely do this at your own risk.

And the loose gravel does make parts of it a bit perilous. It’s definitely worth it though.

Not only is it really cool to see how people used to live in this area, but once you get to the very top, you can see for miles. And there are also some trails that you can get to from the top or back of the dwellings.

To get to this area, you have to walk up past the first climbing entrance and go to the back ones. You’ll still be able to see the cave houses this way too. If you can’t find it, just look for people heading up to see the old cave church. That will get you on the right path.

Once you get to the top and sort of behind the cave houses, you will see the valley stretch out and a few different hiking paths that you can take. There are some that head back in the direction of Göreme, some that take you up to some pretty high view points and some that take you toward Paşabağı Valley.

See the video below to check out the view that I’m talking about with all the hiking trails in different directions.

I was heading to Paşabağı Valley next, but in my excitement of the morning I’d neglected to pack a compass or map, which meant that I couldn’t just set out in the direction that I thought was the right way to go. It was a real shame too because it looked like a great hike.

If you’ve already read about my trek through Paşabağı Valley, then you already know that I walked along the road for part of the way just to make sure that I was headed in the right direction.

One thing you need to know about visiting Çavuşin is that all the tourist buses make a stop in the village. This means that, at times, there are large groups of tourists as well as large coach buses taking up most of the road way in the center of town.

And this of course means that the prices in Çavuşin are not quite as cheap as you might be expecting. I stopped in one cafe for some apple tea and it was 5TL which is WAY more than I was paying for it in Göreme.

It was also difficult to find any free public toilets – even at restaurants and cafes. Despite that, I still recommend checking this place out on your way past it to Paşabağı Valley.

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