Curling Sport Puns For Some LOLs That Rock

Want to be punny while you curl? It’s not HARD!!!

We’re sliding in with some of the n-iciest curling puns guaranteed to warm even your chilliest mates.

To us, these puns are right on the button, but we don’t want to hog them.

We’ll roll each out in-turn, starting with our lead.

We can’t weight to share them with you!

  • curling punCurling rocks.
  • I never take curling for granite.
  • Sheet heads.
  • Rock ‘n Roll.
  • curling punCurling: Think you got the stones?
  • Curling’s a hit.
  • Curling is such a b-rush.
  • Icy you love curling.
  • curling punHammer time.
  • The end is near.
  • Curlers can really sweep you off your feet.
  • curling punPeople who think curling isn’t hard are often sorely mistaken.
  • Our curling team’s best sweeper is also our best driver. He’s a sweep at the wheel.
  • May the FORCE be with… the opposing team.
  • Win one with the gripper.

Punny Curling Jokes

All of these curling jokes feature punny punchlines.

curling graphic

Q: What’s the best pick-up line for a curler?
A: Your house or mine?

Q: What do you call a curler with insomnia?
A: Sweepless.

Q: What were you going to say about that end?
A: Nothing. I’m drawing a blank.

Q: What’s a curler’s favorite kind of food?
A: Take out.

Q: Why are curlers such great artists?
A: They all know how to draw.

Q: What do you call bugs that never die and love to curl?
A: Rockroaches.

Q: What did the curler say when the other curler said she wanted to throw lead?
A: I second.

Q: How do the captains of curling teams get around?
A: They skip.

Q: Why did the curler volunteer to get everyone’s drinks?
A: He loved the tea line.

Q: Why did the curler play dead?
A: She wanted to be buried.

Q: How did the curler respond when his teammate asked how he felt about flashing his shot through the house?
A: “It’s heavy.”

Q: What did the curler say when her teammate asked why she couldn’t get a good push-off?
A: “I just can’t hack it!”

Q: What is a curler’s least favorite condiment?
A: Jam.

Well, how did we do? Did you have to biter back laughter or should we put our guard up?

We’re not trying to be heavy-handed or curl your toes.

Spare us the hammer. We’ll slide-r right off.

We just didn’t want to leave you with a blank end.

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