Snowshoeing Puns For Some Winter LOLs

Want to be punny while you snowshoe?

We’ve tracked down some of the most hill-arious snowshoe puns a-ground.

We’ve got a few in the flotation. Hopefully, there will be a winter or two that will melt your heart.

So enjoy… if you’re not toe strapped for time.

snowshoeing pun

  • Snowshoeing: the ultimate powder walking.
  • I’m snow happy to be snowshoeing.
  • Every snow often, I like to snowshoe.
  • Snowshoers: it takes one to snow one.

snowshoeing pun

  • I love snowshoeing, but sometimes it leaves me cold.
  • I love snowshoeing, but sometimes it gets slopey.
  • Snowshoeing is exhausting. I really need a powder-up.
  • Snowshoers are great, but they can be a little flakey.

snowshoeing pun

  • I try to take it easy when snowshoeing, but sometimes I get in a flurry.
  • When the snow is weird, I graupel with whether to go snowshoeing or not.
  • When I snowshoe too steep of hills, I get a cramp-on.

Punny Snowshoe Jokes

All of these jokes about snowshoeing feature punny punchlines.

no shoe


Q: What did the snowshoer say when the skier asked if she liked skis too?

A: ‘s no shoe.


Q: What did the elder snowshoer say when the kid said he wanted to learn to snowshoe?

A: I couldn’t be powder.

Q: What do you call the perfect print a snowshoer leaves behind?

A: A good frost impression.

Q: Did you hear about the snowshoer who ended up on the ski run by accident?

A: He was piste.

Q: What’s a snowshoers favorite cereal?

A: Frosted flakes.

Q: What do you call it when a snowshoer loses their balance?

A: A snowfall.

Q: Why don’t snowshoers ever correct their typos?

A: They’re scared of whiteouts.

Q: What do snowshoers drink before bed after a long day’s trek?

A: A snowcap.

Q: Why do snowshoers spend so much time in bayous during the off-season?

A: They love gaiters.

Q: How did the snowshoer get elected?

A: By working the poles.

Q: Why did the convicts escape on snowshoes?

A: There was snow-way out.

Q: Why did the snowshoer break his leg?

A: He wanted more traction.

Well, did you get a kick out of these puns or should we expect a decking?

Maybe we should pivot and go in traverse.

Please, don’t be snow mad at us. We’re not terrained for this!

Just getting started with snowshoeing? Check out our beginners guide – Getting Started With Snowshoeing.

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