Can You Use A Tree To Take Your Punching Bag Workouts Outside?

Did you know that using a punching bag can reduce stress, tone your muscles, and promote good heart health? The bag’s weight adds a lot of resistance to make your workout more challenging and fun.

But have you considered taking this classic exercise outdoors?

Hitting your bag outside can give you a breath of fresh air and warm sunlight while you work out. Plus, if you have a tree, it’s not hard to set up at all.

Here’s how you can hang a punching bag from a tree in the comfort of your backyard.

Pick A Sturdy Bag

Some bags are made with materials like vinyl to last against outdoor weather. Others, like leather, are riskier under the sun and rain.

The sun tends to whiten leather, making it dry or crackly. 

If you already have a leather bag you want to use, we’ll cover solutions to work around those risks.

Still, if you’re buying a new bag for your tree, it’s something to consider to get the most durability for your buck.

Some bags have adjustable heights perfect for adapting to different trees. These can also make them more portable so that you can take them with you to camp.

Otherwise, you can also consider a DIY tire punching bag. Most tire companies create products fit to withstand the rain, snow, and sun, making them a perfect substitute punching bag.

Clear Up The Tree

You might have extra branches and leaves that obstruct where you want to hang your punching bag. A handsaw or chainsaw can help you clear these with no problem.

If you use a handsaw, begin with an uppercut just slightly off where the branch meets the trunk.

When you’re halfway through, cut at a downwards angle centimeters away from the uppercut. The branch should snap off naturally and leave only uneven edges to smooth.

If you use a chainsaw instead, the process may be different because you have to account for kickback. In both cases, watch someone with experience do it to prepare you safely.

Keep protective gloves and goggles with you, and make sure falling branches don’t whack anyone.

Secure The Punching Bag On The Branch

You can use chains, ropes, or velcro straps to secure your bag to the tree. Beware that chains can cut through thin branches, so they’re best suited to thicker bark.

If you opt for a chain anyway, consider installing an eyebolt through the branch. You can attach a hook to the eyebolt and then slip the bag rings on it.

With this method, you could easily lift your bag on or off the hook when you need to. That’s useful if you want to take it down for storage.

A velcro strap is a good option if you want to protect the tree branch from abrasion.

Many of them come with a metal ring attached to tie the bag to anything, so you don’t have to buy extra materials.

And voila! In either case, you now have a mini gym at home.

Protect It From Outdoor Weather

If you can help it, it’s always good to store your punching bag indoors when you’re not using it. That can be in something like a shed or spare closet.

If not, though, it’s best to have a cover to protect it from outdoor elements like humidity or insects.

Rain is fun for outdoor photography and site seeing, but not so much for punching bag threads. Some people put duct tape on the seams to protect them from the rain.

Water can make them soft and weak, potentially making them tear. Otherwise, garbage bags or plastic can help keep their humidity at bay.

If you use a leather bag outside, remember that sunlight can bleach it. You might like to buy a furniture cover that has built-in UV ray protectors.

As an added layer of protection, you can also put the bag under the tree’s shade. That way, you can protect both you and your gear from any sunburns.


Hanging a punching bag from a tree is an easy, affordable way to enjoy the outdoors at home. You might have to get creative with how you adapt it to your property’s needs.

But even if you have to replace any straps or metal pieces, it’s easy to find them at sporting goods stores.

The safety rules for using a punching bag outside are almost the same as for indoors. Every time you go boxing with your bag, remember to wear hand wraps and gloves to protect yourself!

Their pattern might make a funny tan, but your hands will thank you. Just watch out for any loose twigs that fall as you throw some punches.

In all, hanging a punching bag from a tree can take no more than an hour to set up.

So if you had any extra trees you were thinking of cutting down, consider using them to make a boxing stand instead!

credit: Deposit Photos

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