Where Can I Play Pickleball Near Me?

So, you’ve gotten into the growing sport of pickleball and need to find some local pickleball courts where you can play.

We’ve got your back.

Use this page to find pickleball courts near you – and check back because we regularly update it.

The good news is that because this sport is gaining in popularity, we are finding more and more places that are opening up public pickleball courts for open play.

Use our tips and resources below to find a play to play pickleball near you.

Where To Look For Local Pickleball Courts

If you want to do a quick search in your local area, then there are a few places that you should check first.

four players at pickleball court

Local Gyms and Fitness Centers

Likely the easiest places to find pickleball courts near you are gyms and fitness centers.

Sometimes you’ll find dedicated courts and sometimes you’ll find tennis courts that they convert to pickleball courts a few times a week.

A good place to start your search are the YMCA locations in your area.

Just give them a call to ask about playing pickleball – you might be pleasantly surprised.

If you come up dry with your local YMCA locations, then go through the list of other gyms and fitness centers in your area (Yelp is a good place to find them).

Local City Parks

Depending on where you live, your local city parks may actually have some pickleball courts for public use.

If not, check to see if they have tennis courts that you may be able to use for pickleball.

In our experience, larger cities are most likely to have dedicated outdoor pickleball courts – but it doesn’t hurt to check in your area.

Local Tennis Clubs

I know what you’re thinking – you’d rather have a dedicated pickleball court, but you may have to just take what is available in your area.

Lots of local tennis clubs are realizing that pickleball is here to stay (and only getting more popular) and they’ve started allowing pickleball play on the tennis courts.

Yeah, it sucks that we have a hard time finding dedicated courts, but using a tennis court is better than nothing, right?

So, look up the tennis clubs in your area and give them a call – ask if you can play pickleball on their courts.

Often, tennis clubs allow pickleball play on the tennis courts during the non-peak periods of the day.

And you just need to buy a cheap day pass (usually around $10) in order to play on their courts.

Local Country Clubs

One thing that we’ve been noticing lately is that more and more country clubs are adding pickleball courts to their facilities.

Of course, the problem with country clubs is that they are NOT cheap and they don’t tend of offer day passes unless you can get a current member to bring you in as a guest.

For instance, my local country club is the Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas and to gain access to just the pickleball courts requires a $4,000 initiation fee, a $295 monthly fee, and a $135 monthly food and beverage minimum (as of 2023).

So, you gotta really love pickleball and have lots of time to spend playing it in order to get your money’s worth through a country club membership.

If that describes you, then a local country club just might be the best option for you.

USA Pickleball Places To Play Website

Did you know that USA Pickleball maintains a website with places where you can play pickleball?

It’s called Places To Play and you can access it at: https://www.places2play.org/

All you have to do is enter your address and it will return any results that are near you.

Though I cannot find any information on how often their database is updated, so it may be out of date – just an FYI before you use it.

Other Online Pickleball Court Directories

There are a few other online directories dedicated to helping players find pickleball courts worldwide.

These platforms generally allow you to search by zip code, city, or state, providing detailed information on nearby courts, including locations, availability, and facilities.

Some popular directories include:

Join Local Pickleball Clubs and Associations

Connecting with fellow pickleball enthusiasts is another excellent way to discover courts near you.

By joining local clubs or associations, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, including the best spots to play, upcoming tournaments, and social events.

Examples of organizations to consider include:

  • USA Pickleball Association (USAPA)
  • Pickleball England
  • Canadian Pickleball Association

Additionally, social media groups and forums dedicated to pickleball can provide valuable insights into court locations, as well as tips, advice, and connections with fellow players.

Connect with Pickleball Instructors

Pickleball instructors can be a valuable resource when it comes to finding courts near you.

These professionals often have in-depth knowledge of local court locations and availability, and they may even offer group or private lessons.

Websites like PlayYourCourt and Pickleball Teachers Network can help you find certified instructors in your area.

Google Maps

This may not be an obvious way to go about it, but you can often find pickleball courts near you just by searching for them on Google Maps.

Not sure how to find them?

What you want to search for is pickleball courts.

That’s it – just those two works in the Google Maps search box is enough to bring up any courts in your area.

If you find one using this method, go ahead and give them a call before showing up because sometimes the information in Google Maps is a bit outdated.

Social Media

If you’re not opposed to using social media for your search, then we find that Facebook is a great resource for finding pickleball courts.

You can find lots of pickleball leagues on Facebook, and they are great resources for local pickleball information.

You can also find some active pickleball groups on Facebook, where you can ask members where you might be able to play in your area.

According to Pickleball University, the most active pickleball group on Facebook is the Pickleball Forum group.

Check Out Meetup Groups

Meetup.com is a platform that brings people together based on shared interests, including sports like pickleball.

Search for pickleball Meetup groups in your area, which will typically provide information on local courts and playing opportunities.

These groups often host events, games, and tournaments, giving you a chance to connect with fellow players and improve your skills.

Final Word

Discovering pickleball courts near you is easier than ever, thanks to a wide range of resources and platforms available.

By leveraging online directories, connecting with local clubs and associations, checking recreation centers and parks, converting existing courts, consulting with instructors, searching on Google Maps, asking around in your community, exploring Meetup groups, and keeping an eye on local newspapers and bulletin boards, you’re sure to find the perfect court for your next game.

Hopefully these tips help you find a place in your local area where you can get in some pickleball practice or maybe just a friendly game.

And if you manage to find a place to play that we don’t have listed in our directory, please let us know!

We are actively working on building out the directory to include worldwide pickleball court locations!

So, grab your paddle and join the ever-growing community of pickleball enthusiasts!

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