Stand-Up Paddle Board Puns That Will Have You Row-ling (and Jokes!)

SUP, paddlers?

You board?

We’re cruising through with some of the fin-est stand up paddle board puns around.

They may not be strokes of genius, and some of them are a little oar-nery, but we still hold the stance that a few are rail-y funny.

Check out our hull.


Funny Paddle Boarding Puns

These stand up paddle board puns are good for any occasion.

  • SUP-er.
  • SUP-preme.
  • Board-om.
  • Always board.
  • Member of the board.


  • I stand for paddling.
  • I need a good paddling.
  • I thought about trying surfing on my SUP, but it’s a pipe dream.
  • I like to keep up on current events.
  • Let her rip.

  • How many layers your paddle board has is its SUP-ply.
  • The stance you think you should take on your paddle board is your SUP-position.
  • The paddle boarder got a concussion by another paddle board passing by. She got hit SUP-side the head.
  • When you reluctantly agree to hold still for a picture on your paddle board, you SUP-pose.

  • When you lay on your back on your paddle board, you’re SUP-ine.
  • Newspapers and magazines that write articles to keep paddle boarding down are the SUP-press.
  • If you grow a shrub in the place of your fin on your paddle board, that’s your SUP-plant.
  • Before your SUP-plant is full-grown, it starts out as a SUP-pling.

Punny Paddle Board Jokes (SUP Jokes)

All of these paddle board jokes feature punny punch lines.

Q: Did you hear the paddleboarder got beached?

A: Yup. She shore did.

Q: What did the paddle boarders say when the county built a special dock for them at the lake?

A: Thanks for the SUP-port.

Q: What’s a paddle boarder’s favorite meal?

A: SUP-per.

Q: What did the paddle boarder say when the paddle boarder behind him got too close with his board?

A: Hey! Don’t be nose-y!

Q: What did the paddle boarder do when her board wouldn’t stop tipping forward?

A: She high-tailed it out of the water.

Well, did you rell-leash these puns or are you glide they’re finally over?

Don’t rip us a new one. We just wanted to deck the hull with a little humor.

woman on SUP

No need com-planing at this point.

We’re fin-ished now.

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