Treadmill vs Rower – Which Is Better?

Have you ever wondered which exercise machine is best for you and your body in the gym. Obviously, each machine you see in the gym has its benefits but, let’s have a look at the best machines for cardio, strength, low impact etc, etc. a lot of people in the gym use the treadmill.

Many people forget about the rower but it is now becoming a more popular machine. Both have their pros and cons. Below are some fun facts about both machines and which one is best for you.

The Treadmill

Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to exercise whether it is raining, snowing or storming, the treadmill does have a number of pros. Firstly, the surface of the treadmill is more forgiving than roads.

Not only does this mean less impact but you can also change the settings to work various parts of your body. For a tougher workout on your carves and quadriceps, raise the incline as if you were running up hill.

Not only this but you will be able to see all sorts of statistics that will help you set yourself goals and allow you to see your improvements. If you are not a big fan of running and need a distraction, most gyms offer the chance to watch TV whilst you are working out too!

So, let us move on to the cons. The belt that essentially makes the machine work is actually making your workout less challenging.

Although it may not feel like it, you are actually getting extra aid from the machine itself. If you are more than just a fitness freak and you actually run professionally you need the outdoor training to get you ready for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you.

Running on a machine does not prepare you for the harsh weather conditions.

Thirdly, you will find the statistics from the machine to not be as accurate as others. Not only this but running in general can be harmful to joints.

Not only your legs and hips but your back and shoulders too. you must always make sure you run with the right posture and stride.

Benefits of Running on the Treadmill

The Rower

I’m not going to pretend that rowing machines don’t take some getting use to but you may find it suits you a lot better than the treadmill. The rowing machine, as any other machine, offers a full body workout that also provides the user with a deep muscle workout.

However, the real benefits of a rowing machine that you may not know about are that you will use more muscles than with most other machines and you won’t be putting nearly as much pressure on your joints. These are two key benefits that could well tilt you towards the rower rather than the treadmill.

There are however a few cons to using a rowing machine. Firstly you will not burn as many calories as if you were on a treadmill.

Although this does depend on your workout, you will have to work a lot harder on a rowing machine to burn the same calories on the treadmill. As mentioned above, the rowing machine does take some getting use to.

Most people know how to run with the right posture. There are less aspects to think about. With a rowing machine your brain will be working overdrive just trying to use the thing!

Is the Rowing Machine Really That Great?

The Rower Takes the Crown

If you enjoy using both machines and are struggling to chose one for your home then stop! Although the treadmill does offer a number of benefits the rowing machine takes the crown from a health, workout and financial point of view.

Not only is the rower less expensive but it offers a full body workout with no impact and low possibility of serious injury. You may take a minute to get use to it but this little detail is one hurdle between you and your perfect health status!

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