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Water Sports

Plan Your Next Water Sports Adventure

Looking for a fun way to stay active during the summer? Here at Active Weekender we think that water sports offer the best activities when it comes to keeping cool while staying active.

From low key fun like snorkeling to adrenaline-packed wakeboarding sessions, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Check out our guides and resources below to get tips on water-based fun that will get your heart pumping. From beginners to more advanced skill levels, we’ve got you covered.

Latest in Water Sports

inflatable paddle board on sand

Can I Leave My Paddle Board Inflated?

Having an inflatable paddle board is super convenient, except for the time that it takes to inflate it each time you want to take it out on the water. But do you really need to re-inflate that iSUP every single time you go paddle boarding? Or can you just leave your paddle board inflated all

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paddleboard seat

Can I Add A Seat To My SUP? (Paddleboard Seat Options)

While paddle boarding is intended to be an activity that you do while standing, from time to time you may wish that you had a seat on the board. Though paddle boards do not come with seats, you may wonder if one can be added to the SUP. Yes, you can add a seat to

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Funny Jet Ski Puns & Jokes

Hey, Skiers. Want to be punny while you ride the waves? We’re ringing in summer with some of the most freestyle jet ski puns we could spin. We know a few of these are wheelie bad, but we impeller you to give them a chance. They might even crank a laugh out of you. So,

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Inspirational Paddle Board Quotes (SUP Quotes)

Paddle boarding is more than an activity. It’s a full-on lifestyle. The people who love it love it, at least enough to lug around ten foot of board or inflate their boards at the water’s edge even for just a short paddle across a calm surface or toss upon the ocean waves. (Okay, so there

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paddle boarder moving toward bridge

Getting Started With Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (Beginners SUP Guide)

Stand-up paddle boarding is a rapidly-growing watersport that is far easier than surfing or waterskiing, but offers many of the same great benefits. Unlike surfing, which requires waves, or waterskiing, which requires a boat, stand-up paddle boarding is also a self-contained activity that can be done on any body of water (as long it’s wide

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paddle boarder on lake

Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

From shore, paddle boarding can look a bit challenging. It is done on a board with relatively little surface area (compared to a boat or a jet ski) and is powered solely by human force. So, from a distance, it looks like paddle boarding requires too essential things – balance and strength – which it

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woman kneeling on paddle board

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Better For Beginners?

When you’re ready to buy your first stand up paddle board, you have to choose between an inflatable SUP and a solid body SUP. You might be wondering which type of paddle board is best for beginners to learn on – is it an inflatable SUP? Yes, inflatable paddle boards are better for beginners to

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woman paddle boarding in wetsuit

What Size Paddle Board Do I Need?

If you are preparing to take up stand up paddle boarding, then the first thing you need to do is get yourself a good beginner stand up paddle board. But there is one question you need to answer – what size paddle board should I get? There is no one size fits all answer to

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man on sup on lake

Can You Stand Up Paddle Board Anywhere?

If you’re interested in stand up paddle boarding, but not sure what water types you can do it in, then you may not be certain if it is the hobby for you. But don’t worry about that because SUPs are a versatile watercraft. And yes, you can stand up paddle board anywhere in almost any

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What Are The Most Stable Stand Up Paddle Boards? (2022)

Whether you’re new to paddle boarding or an experienced SUPer, one thing is for certain – no one wants to end up in the water when going out on a paddle board. And the key to staying up right on your SUP is stability. The most stable paddle boards are the ones that are the

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surfer using indo balance board

Get Better At Surfing With A Surf Balance Board

If you want to get better at surfing and be able to ride those waves for longer, then you need to work on your balance. Having strong core muscles helps you balance better on a surf board, and some home surf training is a great way to improve your balance. Balance boards are the perfect

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surfer in water

5 Ways To Protect Your Surfboard From Damage

If you have taken up surfing, then you already know a good surfboard can cost you a few hundred bucks (with nicer ones costing even more). And since you probably don’t want to have to buy another one anytime soon, it’s a good idea to try to protect your current board from damage. Cause even

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female surfer on beach

Surfing Basics: 13 Tips For New Surfers

Surfing looks like a lot of fun, and it looks pretty simple. Just get on a board and ride a wave. Simple right? Yes, but you still have to learn how do it, and like most things, is more complicated than it looks. In general it is better to get lessons from a professional, or

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surfing in waikiki

8 Best Surf Spots In Hawaii (for Pros and Amateurs)

Anyone who likes to surf probably has a pin on their map marking Hawaii as a dream destination. Although history and tradition might be enough to draw some to the place where surfing began and developed, it is the world class waves found on the entire shore of Oahu and some of the other islands

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9 Best Places To Go Whitewater Rafting In Tennessee

Due to its geography, Tennessee has excellent whitewater rafting locations all over the state. Whether you live in the Volunteer State or are just visiting, we’ve found some great spots for you and your canoe.   Check out our list below to see our top picks for awesome white water rafting spots in Tennessee. Big

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couple in tandem kayak

Take A Friend Out With You: Best Tandem Kayaks Reviewed

It can be quite difficult to determine which tandem kayak is the best one for you and your water mate. Often times buying a tandem kayak will be a joint decision between two different people so this can make it even harder to decide on a singular kayak, especially if you both have pretty different

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two guys windsurfing

Ride The Waves With The Best Windsurfing Boards for Beginners

Buying yourself the proper windsurfing board definitely is not going to be easy. It is extremely important to make sure that you consider how skilled you are before purchasing as buying the wrong board can really make it difficult to surf if you don’t know what you’re doing. Part surfing and part sailing, we know

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guy surfing

Finding The Best Surfboard For Beginners (2021 – 2022)

If you haven’t been surfing before, buying a surfboard can be a pretty difficult task. There are lots of factors to consider and it can take some time before you begin to learn how to ride properly. There are certain boards available that are better to learn how to ride on than others, and we

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surfing in south america

Surfing In South America: Best Spots for Beginners

Learning to surf on a beginner surfboard at the beach can be difficult and challenging, but also very rewarding. Some people travel all over the world, just to find the perfect waves. If you are a beginner big waves and fast water can seem intimidating, but there are a lot of great and exotic places

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surfing in st augustine florida

Hang Ten At The Best Surf Spots in Florida

While many people go to Florida to relax on Miami’s beaches during the day and party at night, Florida’s beaches have more to offer than a good sun tan. The east coast is lined with consistent surf that can also get pretty impressive when hurricane season rolls around in the late fall. Jacksonville Area If

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guy wakesurfing

Choosing A Good Beginner Wakesurf Board (2021)

Depending on your experience, buying a wakesurf board for yourself may not be an easy task. If you have no idea how things like the dimensions of the board or what materials go into the design affect the performance of the board, then you may find that you have a tough time picking a good

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getting back in kayak

How To Get Into A Kayak From The Water

As a new kayaker, I think there is one fear that most beginners have in common – ending up in the water instead of in your kayak and having to get back in the vessel. While this is something that is much more likely to happen in fast moving water, such as when white water

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holding a kayak paddle

How To Hold A Kayak Paddle (The Right Way)

If you’re new to kayaking, then you may not know the proper way to hold the paddle when you’re in the water. The reason that this is important knowledge for a beginner is because it affects your time out in the kayak. When you hold a kayak paddle the wrong way, you can tire too

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wakeboarding vs snowboarding

Wakeboarding vs. Snowboarding: How Similar Are They?

New to snowboarding or wakeboarding? You may think the two are similar. But are they really? These two sports do have a lot in common, but they also have major differences. Here’s what to know about wakeboarding versus snowboarding. What Snowboarding And Wakeboarding Have In Common At first glance, it’s easy to see that these

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cold water surf

The 8 Best Cold Water Surf Spots In The World

When you see the waves rolling in, a little thing like cold water shouldn’t stop you. Luckily, with the development of knew wetsuit technology you can surf almost anywhere – if you’re brave enough that is. The crisp air and blistering wind combined with icy water that will wake you up makes cold water surfing

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guy wakeboarding

How To Get Up On A Wakeboard (Easy Tips)

If you’re new to wakeboarding and are preparing to get started for the first time, learning to stand up is going to be one of the first things you learn. Cause if you can’t get up on a wakeboard, then you really can’t do wakeboarding. You’ll actually want to practice on the dock, or land,

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surfer in california

6 Best Surf Spots In Southern California

Choosing the best surf spots in Southern California isn’t exactly easy. Many of the beaches along the southern coast have had an important role to play in building the popularity of surfing, creating world class surfers and innovating surfing technology. Many locals probably have their own personal favorites, and several beaches contest who really has

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colorado white water

What To Wear When You Go White Water Rafting

Preparing for your first rafting adventure? Knowing what to pack in advance will help you have a more enjoyable time out there. And the first thing that you need to know is that you are definitely going to get wet when riding the rapids. Most adventure companies that offer white water rafting trips do them

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white water west virginia

5 Best Places To Go Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia

Though we haven’t found as many spots in West Virginia to go white water rafting, there are a few locations that we really enjoy. If you find yourself in the state and looking for a good spot for some whitewater rafting action, then we suggest one of the five locations listed below. These are our

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10 Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In The World

Many people are obsessed with traveling – they want to see all the wonders of the world, but sometimes they forget there’s more to the world than meets the eye. Diving offers the unique opportunity to see life from a little-known perspective beneath the waves. Perhaps not so surprisingly, once you dive you realize there’s

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scuba diver in ocean

What To Expect On Your First Scuba Dive

Imagine swimming deep underwater, surrounded by natural wonders and exotic animals. Scuba diving is often a wonderful adventure. But many beginners start to feel a bit nervous and overwhelmed when they’re first learning to scuba dive. If you’re new to scuba diving or are thinking about taking some lessons, but you’re not quite sure what

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sup on beach

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tips for Beginners

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the water, the outdoors, or to get a full body core workout, try stand up paddle boarding (SUP boarding), the fastest growing water sport worldwide. Although its US popularity began to grow after surfer Laird Hamilton began using it as a workout in 2004, it’s actually

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guy kayaking

Keep Your Feet Dry & Safe With The Best Kayaking Water Shoes

Finding the right kayaking water shoe will depend on a few different things. What you wear when kayaking is important and can depend on the paddling environment and the likelihood that you may be taking an unexpected swim. Kayaking water shoes are designed to get wet, but still provide you with enough support and comfort

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fishing kayak

Essential Kayak Fishing Accessories

Without the right gear, fishing can be difficult. This affects everyone from beginners to pro anglers! Fishing kayaks are specially designed to help you keep your balance and carry everything you need for a successful trip. Below we’ll go over the most essential accessories that you’ll want out on the water when you go fishing

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man fishing in kayak

How To Get Started Kayak Fishing (Beginner’s Guide)

The great thing about kayaks is that they’re easy to maneuver on the water. They’re also rather quiet, so you can focus on your surroundings without disturbing the fish. So, if you’re looking for a fishing setup outside of a traditional boat, then let us help you get started with kayak fishing. Kayak Fishing Setup

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canoe by lake

Tips On Fishing From A Canoe

A canoe is a great tool for anglers who want to reach remote locations. It’s light, portable and quiet, and it won’t scare the fish away when you’re trying to reel them in. The only downside is that maneuvering can be difficult to handle on windy days or when fishing alone. But experienced canoe anglers

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tide at the beach

How To Tell If The Tide Is Coming In Or Out

During your time at the beach, you will hear people discussing the best time to surf, fish, build a sandcastle, or walk along the beach. At this time, you will also hear them say about whether the tides are low or high. Many people will have many questions on how that is related to having

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kayaks on trailer

How To Transport A Kayak Without A Rack

Kayaking is an incredibly popular outdoor activity in the U.S. with about 16 million kayakers. It’s a fun sport and a great way to enjoy nature. Perhaps you are one of the many millions of kayaking enthusiasts who’ve made that worthy investment and can’t wait to load it up and take it out to your preferred

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women on kayaks

Is Kayaking Dangerous? What You Should Know

One of the first questions you should ask when starting any new sport is, “Is it safe?” In reality, the most accurate answer to this question is, “No.” Nothing in this life is 100% safe. Even sitting on the couch has its own unique perils. But when it comes to certain adventure sports like kayaking

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kayak on shore

Sea Kayak vs River Kayak vs Lake Kayak: What’s The Difference?

Kayaking enthusiasts tend to be very specific about their preferences for kayak type, because each one offers a distinct experience. Each different type of kayak is optimized for the particular aquatic environment in which it will be used, since concerns ranging from water speed through depth need to be factored in for an optimal experience. Let’s

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guy putting kayak on roof rack

How To Put A Kayak On A Roof Rack By Yourself

Most people getting into sports are often concerned about lifting, carrying, and loading kayaks on their cars. As excited as you might be to starting your kayaking adventures, you need to figure out how exactly you’ll get your kayak from your garage to the water safely, even if you’re alone.  Mounting a kayak on your

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boy swimming

Can Swimming Give You Abs?

Swimming is not just a leisure activity but a form of exercise. Swimming can help you to burn excess fats and tear body weight. Strong abdominal muscles are essential for good back health. Back and forth muscles keep you balanced and prevent internal organ slumps and compressions. In the chase to tone your body figure,

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kayak in ocean

Can You Use A River Kayak In The Ocean?

The one thing that confuses many first-timer kayakers is whether a river kayak is suitable in the ocean. Remember, every type of kayak in the market is specifically made to suit specific needs. Therefore, if you want to get the best experience, the first thing to consider is which water body you wish to explore.

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kayaks on cars

Will A Kayak Fit Inside My Car?

Most people don’t consider the means of transportation when buying a kayak, which is very important. Kayaking is one of the popular ways to get out and enjoy the serenity of nature in your favorite water mass. There is a lot of thrill and excitement that comes with kayaking on an afternoon or in the

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Kayaking vs Rafting: What Are The Differences?

Anyone interested in water sports will want to go for a sport that matches their needs. If you are looking to connect with nature on a more personal level, then kayaking will meet your expectations. However, if you are looking for an adventure that will let you interact with others and participate in an event

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rowboat at sunset

Canoe vs Rowboat: What’s The Difference?

The similarities in canoes and rowboats make it challenging for new boat enthusiasts to understand the minor but critical differences. They include design, rowing technique, sitting position while rowing, and others. Read on for detailed information on what makes canoes and rowboats different and what this means for you while out in the waters. What

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canoe on shore

Canoe Weight Limit (What You Should Know)

Canoes are great for fishing trips, and they provide transportation to campsites for multi-day adventures. If you plan to take your friends or family for a canoe trip, it is vital to know the canoe’s weight limit. The weight a canoe can hold at one time helps you plan on how many people you’re taking

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Funny Surfing Puns To Give Surfers The LOLs

Want to be punny when you hit the beach? We paddled through surfing puns to find the kookiest around. Sorry if you’re board, but why pout? Just keep these in your pocket and punt them at your friends. They really are a barrel of laughs. Surfing Puns These are puns specifically related to surfing. Surfing

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man wakeboarding behind boat

Can You Wakesurf Or Wakeboard Behind A Pontoon Boat?

Yes! You can have a great time wakesurfing behind a pontoon. However, there are some things to keep in mind to maximize your experience. Pontoon boats are known for generating a small wake due to the shape of the hull. These efficient vessels push water out of the way quickly and allow owners to go

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wakeboarding behind boat

Why Are Wakeboard Boats So Expensive?

Summer means one thing to a lot of people – time to hit the water! Over the years, people have come up with several ways of making the beach fun, such as tubing, water skiing, or wakeboarding. Each water activity has their own appeal, purpose, and requirements. Tubing involves being dragged at the boat driver’s

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men in kayaks

What Happens If You Overload A Kayak?

Kayaks are made to be very stable and to handle large loads. Some higher-end kayaks on the market today can handle 750 pounds or even more. However, it is certainly possible to overload a kayak. In fact, it is easier than you might think. When you add your weight, the weight of your gear, and

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Can You Paint An Aluminum Canoe?

Many high-quality canoes are made out of aluminum. These canoes come with durable paint from the factory. However, the paint will dull after a while, especially if you use the canoe a lot. Many people are not sure whether they can paint an aluminum canoe themselves. After all, the factory paint is made out of

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girl in life jacket

Choosing The Best Life Jackets For Kids & Toddlers (2021)

Whether you’re taking the family kayaking, SUPing, canoeing, or just swimming, water safety is of the utmost importance. Especially with kids. Even if your children know how to swim, it’s best to have a life jacket, also known as a PFD (Personal Flotation Device), for your toddlers and children. There are two main types of

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guy putting on wetsuit

Why Are Wetsuits Black?

Wetsuits offer protection for a variety of activities or sporting competitions. They are often worn by people that spend a considerable amount of time in the water. People that have little to no experience with purchasing or wearing wetsuits may wonder why they are black. Some athletes may wonder, “Why are wetsuits usually black?”   Learn

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Is Scuba Diving Expensive? (2021 Cost Estimates)

If you are interested in learning how to scuba dive, you might be wondering how much it costs as a hobby. Scuba diving opens you up to all kinds of new experiences. There truly is no experience quite like it. However, scuba diving has a reputation as a pricey activity with lots of ongoing costs. 

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diver down flag

What Does A Diver Down Flag Look Like?

When it comes to the ocean, safety matters. Whether you’re fishing or cruising near the shore, you’ll need to keep an eye out for divers in the area. Understandably, it isn’t easy to spot divers–or even snorkelers. Even if they’re exploring the depths near a boat, accidents can still happen. Ocean-Bound Safety: Hazard Gear This

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cleaning swimming pool water

DIY Homemade Pool Clarifiers

A nice cold swim on a summer afternoon sounds like an activity many would enjoy. If you try closing your eyes and imagine a pool, you will most likely picture a clean swimming pool. Nobody likes swimming in a cloudy pool as it is unpleasant to look at and definitely not healthy. Cleaning your pool

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guy windsurfing

Intro To Windsurfing: What You Need To Know

Windsurfing has a name that sums itself up well. Maybe you have never surfed a wave, but surely you can imagine the excitement of riding a tiny craft skimming the surface of the water driven along by a natural, noiseless energy. Just trade the wave with a windsail and use the wind for that natural

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swimmer doing sidestroke

How To Swim Sidestroke (Tips, Techniques & Drills)

Learning to swim includes becoming familiar with many different swimming styles. These have different uses and benefits, such as in emergencies, leisure, and exercise.  Certain swimming styles are especially important for practical and even life-saving applications. You may have heard of the sidestroke and its uses in emergencies. This useful swim style makes it easier

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guy kneeboarding tricks

12 Awesome Kneeboarding Tricks Explained

If you are just becoming familiar with kneeboarding, you might wonder what tricks you can do with the sport — or if it’s even possible while kneeling in the water. Here is everything you need to know about kneeboarding tricks.  What Is Kneeboarding?  Kneeboarding is a water sport wherein you ride behind a boat by

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man riding wakeboard

Kneeboarding Vs. Wakeboarding: What’s The Difference?

If you are just beginning to get into the world of water sports, you have probably heard about kneeboarding and wakeboarding. The two sports might seem similar at first, so it is easy to get confused. However, as you come to learn more about them, you’ll learn that they actually have important and distinct differences. 

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guy on kneeboard

Kneeboard Buying Guide: Finding The Best Kneeboard For Beginners (2021)

If you have a passion for water sports, then you might consider starting knee-boarding as a hobby. Besides being more fun than other water activities, this sport helps you achieve better control, balance, strength, and endurance. However, you will be required to have the right kneeboard for this activity. Kneeboards are quite a lot in

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woman doing swim strokes

Types of Swimming Strokes and Styles

With water covering three-quarters of the globe we live on; it would seem to behoove us to at some point in our lives to learn how to swim.  Indeed, there is a myriad of reasons why you might want to learn swimming skills, and a partial list of those reasons includes lakes, hotel swimming pools,

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Butterfly vs Breaststroke: What’s The Difference?

On the surface, the breaststroke and butterfly look like they have similar mechanics. Both strokes require the bringing forward of the arms in an arcing motion and a flexed knee kick of the legs. They’re also based on forward propulsion and require the lifting of the head out of the water at a specific point

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cleaning swimming pool water

Pool Flocculant Basics: What You Should Know

A pool is a great place to relax, especially when it’s hot. But what happens when it becomes cloudy and you want to have a swimming session as soon as possible? Or when you have just planned an outdoor party with your friends only to realize your pool is full of algae?  The answer is,

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scuba diver off boat

Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

Scuba diving is a super fun sport that can allow you the ability to see the underwater world that many people never have the opportunity to see in all its glory. That being said, scuba diving can also be incredibly dangerous and difficult, especially if you are not taking the right precautions. And have you

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treading water

How to Tread Water (Techniques, Exercises, and Drills)

Being in the water can be a lot of fun, as long as you know how to swim or stay in a shallow area. Most everyone feels comfortable in the water as long as their feet can touch the bottom and their head is sufficiently out of the water. However, there may be times you

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Breaststroke vs Freestyle: What’s The Difference?

Breaststroke and freestyle are two popular swimming strokes. Swimming has a lot of benefits and each stroke also has its own unique benefits.  Below we’ll cover the differences between these two popular swimming strokes.  What Is Freestyle Swimming? Freestyle is one of the most common types of swimming strokes. This swimming technique is often seen

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swimmer training

What Is Sculling Swimming? (And How To Do It?)

Sculling is a technique to help swimmers improve form and build strength. Using this technique, swimmers can feel the water and focus on the pitch of their hands in the water. Sculling is similar to rowing. In rowing, the paddle is in the water and it turns, stops, and drives the boat. In swimming, the

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ocean swimming

Can You Open Your Eyes In The Ocean?

If you live in an area where it’s 40 degrees or colder for about half the year, you usually want to enjoy the outdoors without shivering while you can. If you love the water, you especially welcome the thought of swimming if it’s now the middle of summer and at least 90 degrees outside. What’s

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jet ski at beach

Jet Skiing: A Comprehensive Overview for Beginners

Jet skiing is a high-octane water sport that looks a lot lazier than it is in its modern inception. Though many people today know the sit-and-ride version of this favorite craft as the most common type of “jet ski,” the original water jet ski was actually a stand-up model invented by Clayton Jacobson. Jet Ski

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Kawasaki’s Jet Ski SX-R

Stand-Up Jet Skis: Everything You Need To Know

The first successful consumer jet ski was a stand-up model by Kawasaki actually called the Jet Ski. (This is where we get the generic term “jet ski” for all personal watercraft.) Today, sit-down models of personal watercraft (PWC), which carry more people and have more room to relax, outsell stand-ups by a wide margin. But

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jet ski

Jet Ski Price: How Much Is A Jet Ski? (2022 Cost)

Considering buying a jet ski? If so, you might be wondering how much it will cost to make that dream come true. The answer is, it depends. Personal watercraft, or PWC (the generic term for jet ski) run the gamut in terms of utility and capability. What you want to do with your jet ski

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aquacarts jet ski stand

The Ultimate Jet Ski Stand Buying Guide (2022)

When you decide to buy a jet ski, picking out the craft itself is the fun part. Unfortunately, it is not the only purchasing decision you’ll have to make. A personal watercraft (PWC) requires several accessories just for everyday upkeep. First things first, you’re going to need someplace to put it. How to Store a

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jet ski boat

Jet Ski Boat: What You Should Know

There are few things better than cruising crystal clear waters on a hot sunny day. It’s great on a jet ski, and even better on a jet ski that gives  you more space to chill out and relax. Jet ski boats are unique accessories that put a twist on the standard jet ski. These converters

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girl riding jetski

Jet Ski Riding: How To Ride A Jet Ski

Exploring the water from the back of a personal watercraft (PWC) is a classic summer activity many people look forward to (or look forward to trying) each year. With the proliferation of rental companies at many of the world’s top beaches, getting on a jet ski is fairly easy to do. If you’ve never ridden

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kayak pfds

Kayak Life Jacket Laws By State [All 50 States]

Venturing out on a kayak is one of the most fun ways to explore nature. If you’re ready for a new adventure on a kayak but aren’t sure if you need a life preserver on board, you’re not alone. All fifty states in the U.S. have different laws regarding life jackets.  Wearing a personal flotation

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couple in canoe

How Long Should A Canoe Paddle Be?

Canoe paddling is a calming and meditative sport. And depending on where you choose to do it, it can also be exhilarating. It’s got other health benefits, too, such as providing a cardio workout and improving muscle strength. But have you ever used a paddle that’s too long or too short? It’s a whole new

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guys in canoe

How Many People Can Fit In A Canoe?

There are several ways to figure out the number of persons that can fit a canoe at any one time.  For most of the canoes in the market, the manufacturer usually provides the maximum number of passengers. Although the majority of them hold a maximum of two people, it isn’t rare to find some with

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man in kayak

What Size Kayak Do I Need?

Kayaking ranks high on the list of the most satisfying and enjoyable leisure activities around. It’s highly addictive, whether you’re doing it for fun, touring or fishing, spending relaxed weekends on the lake with family and friends, or getting your adrenaline pumping by beating whitewater rapids. Owning your kayak can be a thrilling thought. However,

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girl kayaking flatwater

What Is Flatwater Kayaking?

Flatwater kayaking is the simplest and most common type of kayaking.  It can occur on any smooth body of water without waves or harsh currents. It’s an easy-going approach to kayaking that’s enjoyable for both beginners and experienced kayakers looking for a relaxing day. This type of kayaking is mainly done on small bodies of

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person on jet ski

How Do Jet Skis Work?

While most jet ski riders are content to just enjoy the speed and leisure offered by a jet ski without needing to know how the magic happens, those with an affection for physics might wonder at some point during their ride “How do jet skis work exactly?” Like a boat, a jet ski, or PWC

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man and woman on jet ski

Jet Ski Clothing: What To Wear Jet Skiing

Riding a jet ski is a favorite activity for many water sports enthusiasts. Hitting the waves and gliding across the water at rapid speeds brings a shot of adrenaline for anyone onboard.  You can ride a jet ski on any large body of water, whether it’s an ocean, lake, or large river. Where and when

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jet ski and sail boat

Buying A Jet Ski: Is It Worth It? 

Have you tried jet skiing and fell in love with the sport? Maybe after renting a few times, you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to finally make a big purchase. But is buying a personal watercraft (PWC) worth it? Should you take the plunge and invest in your very own jet ski, available for

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How Much Does A Jet Ski Weigh?

Whether you have a jet ski that needs to be towed or are thinking about how a new jet ski might handle on the water, knowing your jet ski weight is of importance to all jet ski owners. Along with the weight of your jet ski, it is essential to understand both how much weight its

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jet ski on the beach

Winterizing A Jet Ski: What You Should Know

Riding a jet ski (personal watercraft, PWC) is an exciting pastime for many people during the spring or summer months. You can even ride in the fall and winter if you’re feeling ambitious and wear the right clothes. But, if you live in a state where temperatures drop drastically in the winter, you’ll need to

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Florida Kayaking Laws (What You Should Know)

Florida is known for its water sports more than almost any other recreational activity. The state is home to more than 1,000 miles of coastline. It’s the perfect place for beach lovers, boaters, and kayakers alike.  Before taking your kayak out on the water, it’s important to understand the laws for owning and operating a

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What Is A Scanoe?

Made by Coleman, the Scanoe is a skiff and canoe hybrid. A Scanoe is broader than a typical canoe and boasts a square back to mount a trolling motor. Be wary when seeking out a Scanoe, as they are often imitated, but never duplicated. The original Coleman Scanoe is the real deal. Buying a Scanoe

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Types Of Canoes (Beginner’s Guide)

When you think of canoes, you may be only thinking of the one you used a few summers ago when exploring the great outdoors with your family.  However, there are a wide variety of canoes. Canoes can vary in material, construction style, and seating capacities.  This article will cover the different types of canoe materials,

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