Balance Board vs Bosu Ball vs Wobble Board

If you want to do some balance and stability training, then you might be looking at your options unsure of which is best for your needs.

Luckily for you, I actually own all three – a balance board, a wobble board, and a bosu ball – and can tell you how they differ.

These are great for preparing you for stand up paddle boarding and surfing since they are stability trainers.

Though each of these are great options for working on your balance and coordination, they are each very different pieces of equipment.

So, let’s look at how they compare to each other so you can make a more informed decision for your training.

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As you can see in the product images below, the design of each of these stability trainers varies.

And some are easier to use than others, especially for beginners.

  • A balance board looks sort of like a skateboard deck that balances on top of a cylinder.
  • A wobble board has a round or octagon board shape that sits on top of a small and hard half-dome base.
  • A bosu ball looks like half of a balance ball with a flat plastic base.

This page contains some affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

So, you’re still getting the benefit of agility and balance training with each of these, but as you can see by their designs – each one has a different style.

Personally, I find the balance board the hardest to use and the wobble board the easiest.


It’s a good idea to base your decision as to which of these is ideal for your needs based on what you want to use it for.

Only the bosu ball balance trainer is versatile and allows for a variety of uses.

With the balance board and wobble board, all you can do is use them as you seem them pictured.

  • Standing on the balance board is pretty much all you can do with it.
  • You can stand on the wobble board and use it for planks & other balancing with your arms.
  • You can flip the bosu ball over and use it as a wobble board! Or, just use the ball side for your training.

So, if you want versatility in your training, then the bosu ball is the best option for you, followed by the wobble board.

balance board

Ease of Use

As you might expect, these stability trainers vary in how easy they are to use.

Since I own one of each of them, I can give you an idea of which is best based on your skill level.

Are you completely new to balance trainers? If so, go with a wobble board.

I think the wobble board is the easiest to train on and balance on for beginners.

If you’ve mastered the wobble board and want a bit more of a challenge, then try the bosu ball trainer.

Stepping onto the ball side of it and balancing on one foot is more challenging than you might expect!

And I love that you can flip it over and do planks and other exercises.

Is your balance not that bad and you just need a bit of improvement?

Well, if you’ve already got strong core muscles then a balance board with a roller is the best option for you.

These things are NOT beginner friendly, so in order to avoid injury, definitely master the other trainers before trying one of these out.

Revolution FIT Balance Board Exercises

Benefits of Balance Board Trainers

I love these things and think they are a fun and challenging way to improve your balance and body control for skateboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding, longboarding and more.

Basically, they are a great way to simulate any boarding activity wherever you are, any time.

Good weather not required.

But you don’t have to be a board sports enthusiast to benefit from adding a balance trainer to your workout equipment.

They’re great for general fitness as well.

With these balance and stability trainers, you will strengthen core muscle groups (stomach & waist) as well as legs (thighs, hamstrings, hip, butt) and overall stability.

You can also incorporate the board into your routine by combining it with other exercises like weight training or calisthenics.

And if you play sports, balance trainers are a great way to improve your athletic performance.

You’ll find that a balance trainer is the perfect way to improve your balance and stability for athletics like hockey, golf, baseball, tennis, martial arts, dance, gymnastics and many more.

Why are balance trainers so great for athletes? Faster balance recovery can help you a get a step up on your opponents, and training with a balance board regularly can give you just that edge.

4 Recommended Balance Trainers (and 1 to avoid)

Based on my experience testing out several balance trainers in my home, I have some recommendation to make for you.

As well as one to avoid because I had a terrible experience with it.

INDO BOARD Original Balance Board for Fun, Challenging Fitness and Sports Training. Comes with 30

I recommend the following balance trainers:

During my testing of balance trainers, I bought one balance board that I really did not like.

And I’ll be honest with you – I bought it because it was a lot cheaper than the INDO and the Revolution boards.

When this balance board with roller arrived, it looked like it was fresh from the lumber yard.

The stickers/decals were in the box for me to apply myself. I had to put the roller together.

And yes, splinters were an issue.

Plus, the surface of this board is very rough because it’s just anti-skid strips – just like the surface of a skateboard deck.

It was definitely not comfortable without shoes.

Which balance board did I hate? The Carrom Balance Board. In my opinion, you should avoid it even though it is cheap.

You really do get what you pay for with these stability trainers.

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