Want To See Gains In The Box? Get Some CrossFit Gloves!

Nothing will quash the perfect kip or kill a dead lift quicker than losing your grip on a bar. Bloody blisters and sweaty body parts might be a badge of CrossFit courage. 

But rips, tears and sweat drenched slippage can also ruin your Workout of the Day and hinder your ability to achieve long-term goals. Toughing it out is what the champs do though, right? Wrong.

It’s true that the encouragement of fellow athletes and extreme self-discipline can help push you past perceived limits to kick out an extra rep. But, a decent pair of gloves is often a CrossFitter’s (or any athlete’s) best friend in the box.

Gloves can enhance your grip and mitigate the problem of bar slippage and kettlebell catastrophes due to sweaty palms. They also decrease blisters and callouses, allowing you to focus less on hand pain and more on helping the rest of your body maintain proper alignment so you can execute both hanging moves and grounded lifts more safely and productively.  

This can mean better long term athleticism, power and confidence in Crossfit moves for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you find a good pair of CrossFit gloves!

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Best CrossFit Gloves for the Money

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Top CrossFit Gloves Reviewed

If you’re trying to decided between our recommended options above, then let us help you out with a quick look at what we like and don’t like about each pair.

1. Rogue Mechanix V2 Vented Gloves

If you are looking for full hand coverage, this breathable glove might be the one for you. A mesh upper keeps you cool.


While a synthetic leather palm allows you to tackle your next challenge. The Rogue Mechanix V2 Vented Glove is  lightweight, yet durable in all the right places.

The saddle area is reinforced which can help extend the life of what could be your favorite go-to glove. This glove can be worn inside the gym when you’re conditioning and be used outdoors when all that conditioning pays off in climbing expeditions or strong man competitions.


  • Full hand protection
  • Breathable upper, durable leather-like palm
  • Lightweight
  • Mutli-use in or out of the gym
  • Reinforced stitching

  • Full finger style makes cleaning and drying more intensive
  • Custom fit/sizing means you must be precise in measuring your hand.


If you’re looking for a solid performer with well thought out details that can enhance your performance in the gym and out, this well-rounded glove can do the trick enabling you to kip, lift and climb away!

2. Rogue Fitness Mechanix Original Women’s Gloves

It’s rare when a company gets it right the first time around. But, this “original” is still selling for a reason. This full women’s glove is Lycra and neoprene which makes it breathable. 


It is constructed with a shock absorbing palm. The gloves are protective all while providing good proprioception.

The Rogue Mechanix Original gloves for women has an adjustable wrist strap that secures the fit, allowing use in the gym and beyond. In addition, Tech Dry keeps your hands cooler and can make your cleans more clean by reducing bacteria!


  • Shock absorbing palm
  • Seamless palm
  • Cooling Tech Dry material
  • Mutli-use in or out of the gym
  • Adjustable wrist strap for customized, secure fit

  • Full finger style means you must accurately measure your fingers.
  • While proprioception is decent in these gloves, the full coverage style might reduce some sensation in fingers.


This classic glove is a solid contender for ladies when it comes to providing full on coverage, custom fit and support.

3. Rogue Fitness Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves

Palm protection and great proprioception? Yes, please! The Mechanix Fingerless Covert Glove provides great shock absorption for your palms while allowing your fingers to full on feel the bar.


Thermoplastic Rubber guards your knuckles and is used on the wrist closure for added security. For a super tough fingerless glove, they are easily cleaned. Just toss them in the washer.


  • Fingerless style allows finger dexterity
  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable
  • Mutli-use in or out of the gym
  • Thermoplastic Rubber protects knuckles
  • Shock absorbing palm

  • Fingerless Construction means less total protection for your hands.


The Rogue Fitness Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves provide good shock absorption, grip and allow for ample dexterity.

Types of Cross Fit Gloves

There are two basic types of CrossFit gloves. Some people like full gloves that cover the entire hand, including each finger. Other athletes like the increased proprioception afforded by gloves that cover the first knuckle on each finger, but expose the rest of the length of the fingers.

Both types of CrossFit gloves offer both palm and wrist protection.  

When selecting a pair, there are several aspects to consider since, there are many different styles and types of gloves on the market. Gloves can be made of leather, faux leather, Lycra, neoprene and a mix of all of those materials and more.  

The amount of wrist support varies from glove to glove, as does the amount of cushioning. Perhaps, in the age of pandemics, another important feature to consider is whether or not the glove you like is easily washed.

Leather gloves are difficult to clean, but tend to be durable. Synthetic leathers are also durable, but can often be tossed in the washing machine. Some gloves offer reinforced stitching in all the right places to increase durability. Other gloves offer a seamless fit to enhance comfort.

Long story short – if you want to see gains, give gloves a try. It could be a perfect fit for you!

Should You Wear Them?

Callouses and bleeding blisters might be cool and look courageous in a CrossFit box, but not so much in the professional setting of your job. Added wrist support might also help you deal with the stresses modern life puts on your hands and wrists (think: carpal tunnel and trigger finger).

If you have a life outside of the gym, you might consider wearing gloves to protect your hands and wrists so your life outside the gym is as productive as your life in it!

Presumably you’re passionate about your WOD’s and love showing up at the gym to work your body, achieve goals and see your buddies. Nothing puts an end to that like an avoidable injury.

Wearing gloves can help you worry less about slipping and either pulling something out of whack or falling. Wearing gloves can help you stay focused on all of the right things while executing a difficult movement.

Goals are achieved by being able to put in the daily work. You cannot do that if you are on the injured list.

Wearing gloves is a simple way to help increase the odds you’ll meet your goals.

How To Choose?

There are five basic features to look for in a CrossFit glove. The importance of each really depends on your budget, lifestyle and workout schedule.

Things to consider:

  • How much wrist support do you need?  If you have pre-existing wrist issues, you might want seek a glove that has an adjustable wrist support.
  • Do you want or need a lot of cushioning in your palm? Some people like a buffer between their hand and the bar. Others like less cushion and more proprioception.
  • Think about the fit on your fingers. If you like full hand coverage, make sure to measure your hand according to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Some exercisers like their fingertips exposed and claim better proprioception. 
  • Washability. Fingerless gloves are easier to turn inside out to wash and dry. But, make sure your purchase is easily washed and dried, especially if you workout more than once a week. Leather gloves, for example, might feel great. But, faux leather can also be supple and form fitting, while also being more easily sanitized. Read the care instructions before you buy.
  • Durability. If you have deep pockets, whether or not your glove holds up to frequent workouts and cleaning might not be an issue for you. But, if you are looking for a good value, look for reinforced stitching and attention to construction that pays attention to how gloves are used. For example, the area where your thumb and index finger meet is involved in most gripping movements. A solid glove should enable mobility at the saddle of your hand while providing structure.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, if you want to improve your workouts with competence and confidence, you’ve got nothing to lose by wearing gloves.

No pain, no gain is a useful mantra, until the pain completely sidelines you by resulting in an injury from a slippery bar or infected wound. Since, consistency is key when it comes to making gains.

Keep on keeping on by sliding on your perfect pair gloves!

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