Best Speed Bags For Boxing In Your Home Gym (2021)

Speed bags are essential equipment for anyone serious about combat sports, especially boxing and martial arts.  Even if that’s not you, speed bags are a great way to get a whole lot of workout in a small space. 

What’s more, you can pick up a high-quality speed bag for a very affordable price. So, if you’re in the market for a good speed bag to add to your home gym or garage, then we’ve found a few great options for you to consider.

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Best Speed Bags for The Money

Everlast’s Premium Kangaroo Leather Speed BagEverlast Standard Leather Speed BagTITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags
Everlast Premium Kangaroo Leather Speed BagEverlast Standard Leather Speed BagTITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags
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Top Speed Bags Reviewed

Here is a quick guide to the top speed bags you can buy right now. These are currently our favorite options for people looking to do some speed bag training at home.

1. Everlast Standard Leather Speed Bag

Although this speed bag has an entry-level price tag, it’s made from premium leather and has reinforced seams.  That means it’s perfectly capable of taking a pounding!


The popularity of Everlast means it’s easy to get spares and accessories for your speed bag.  For example, when your speed bag does start to look a bit worse for wear, you can easily replace the bladder.

This speed bag has a very consistent surface.  If you’re training seriously, you’ll be very happy with the precision and rebounds.

  • Solid build-quality
  • Affordable price tag
  • Easy to get spares and accessories
  • Only available in two sizes (medium and large)


Great for recreational users and perfectly decent for proper training in combat sports.

2. Everlast Premium Kangaroo Leather Speed Bag

Using kangaroo leather instead of standard leather makes this speed bag even lighter, faster, and more durable than the standard speed bag from Everlast.  The build quality is just as good and you still get the same precise, consistent rebounds.


This speed bag also comes in a small size as well as medium and large.  This is great for people who really want to focus on speed.

Again, as it’s Everlast, it’s straightforward to get spares and accessories.  This speed bag is definitely worth maintaining and repairing when it does start to look a bit beaten down.

  • Made from kangaroo leather
  • Available in three sizes
  • Excellent rebounds
  • Costs a bit more than the standard speed bag


A bit expensive if you just want a work-out, but a great investment piece if you want to train seriously.

3. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag

This speed bag is made from extra-thick leather and has triple-reinforced leather seams and lacing.  As a result, it’s a bit on the heavier side, but super-durable.

 TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

Despite its weight, this speed bag is really soft and forgiving on your hands.  It’s also on the slower side, which could be good for recreational users and beginner fighters.

The balance is excellent.  When you hit this speed bag, it rebounds and recoils exactly as it should.

  • Built to last
  • Available in four sizes
  • Soft on your hands
  • Definitely on the slower side for a speed bag


A decent option for recreational users and people just starting out in combat sports.

Benefits Of Training With Speed Bags

If you’re training for combat sports, using a speed bag will teach you to keep your hands up and to move your feet correctly.  It will also improve your hand-to-eye coordination.  This is essential in any sort of fighting.

If you’re looking for a home-fitness solution, then a speed bag delivers great cardio, muscle strengthening, and stress relief.

The basic idea behind using a speed bag is that you hit the bag with a consistent rhythm.  The speed bag will respond to your punches and you will respond to how the speed bag moves.  

Constantly hitting the speed bag will really get your heart working.  In fact, it’s such an intense workout that the standard approach is to treat it a bit like HIIT.  You hit the speed bag continually for 3-5 minutes and then have a rest for 1-2 minutes.

The muscles in your upper body will be working continually throughout your speed bag session.  You’ll feel it most in your arms and shoulders but your chest and back will also become stronger and more toned.

Your lower body will be put under less strain.  Even so, it will be continually moving so your muscles will be engaged.

Last but not least, speed bags are great for relieving stress.  As soon as you start, you’re forced to focus on the bag, not your worries. 

By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be feeling the benefit of a great exercise session!

How To Choose A Good Speed Bag for Beginners

When you’re choosing a speed bag there are three key points you should consider.  These are build-quality, size, and brand.  Here’s what you need to know about these characteristics.

Build quality

Speed bags are, literally, meant to take a pounding.  This means that they need to be made of really strong material. 

Leather is standard.  There are some leather-free options, but they generally carry a significant price premium.  

It’s vital that speed bags have robust stitching at all seams.  The best speed bags will use either super-strong thread (or leather) or stitch the seams multiple times. 

Some will even do both.

Internally, speed bags will contain a bladder.  This also needs to be made of strong material. 

These days, speed bag bladders are generally made of thick rubber.  Your speed bag’s bladder will usually wear out long before the exterior does. 

This means that, ideally, you should be able to replace it.


The basic rule of thumb is that small speed bags emphasize speed.  Large speed bags emphasize strength and stamina. 

There is, however, a bit of nuance here.

Very small and very large speed bags are both harder to hit than medium-sized bags, albeit for different reasons.  With a very small speed bag, it’s harder to aim your punch accurately. 

With a very large speed bag, you’re punching against greater weight.  This is more challenging for your muscles.

This means that beginners should tend to go for medium-sized speed bags.  The exception if you’re taller and/or stronger than average, especially if you’re already fairly fit. 

Then you might go for a larger speed bag.  Keep small speed bags for when you have more experience using them.


The popularity of speed bags means that there are all kinds of options on the market.  These vary from the awesome to the awful and all shades in between.  

It’s best to stick to speed bags made by brands that have a track record in combat sports. 

Firstly, these tend to have the best build-quality.  Secondly, it’s usually easy to get spares and accessories for them.  

Final Thoughts

Speed bags are essential if you’re training for combat sports and great for people who just want a workout.  

Choose a smaller bag if you want to focus on speed and a larger one if you want to focus on strength and endurance.

The best speed bags will have solid build quality, excellent balance, and precision rebound.  Speed bags from well-known brands will also have spares and accessories available to purchase separately.

Our editor’s pick for the best speed bag for the money is the Everlast Premium Kangaroo Leather Speed Bag.

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