Tai Chi Puns For Some Slow Mo LOLs

Greetings, Students of Tai Chi. Want to be punny while you find your center?

We’re stepping in with some of the best tai chi puns around.

Now, we’re not exactly masters on the topic, we’re not even scholars, but we didn’t just scoop these from the sea.

So, take a deep breath and try to roll with it.

slow motion

  • I’ve got a yen for tai chi.
  • Tai chi keeps me in focus.
  • Tai chi moves me.
  • I keep circling back to tai chi.

tai chi subject

  • Tai chi feely.
  • Wu! I love tai chi.
  • Feeling Sunny.
  • My tai chi instructor told me I was getting good at the press. Ji, was I excited.
  • Tai chi is how I ward off stress.
  • I get a kick out of tai chi.

tai chi pushy

  • I roll with tai chi.
  • Tai chi is a ball.
  • Tai chi clouds my senses.
  • Tai chi is more than just spinning your wheels.

Well, are you over the moon for these puns or do you want to step forward and punch us?

We swear we’re not trying to pull you down.

Please don’t bring the single whip out.

We’ll split.

Bowing out.

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