Treadmill Vs. Stair Steppers

Fitness is an important part of life but it’s so easy to slack and make little to no progress. A great way to lose calories and have fun is cardio exercise, no lifting heavy weights just put on a pair of trainers and off you go.

Generally Summer and New Year (when people set resolutions) are popular times for getting yourself back into shape but fitness should be a year round commitment.

Owning a treadmill or stair stepping machine will you help toward your health goals as you can create a daily exercise routine from the comfort of your own home. No gym fees and you can exercise any time at your pleasure.

If this is your first time putting together a home gym this article will be helpful for you as we outlining the differences between treadmills and star steppers so you can choose the ideal machine for your needs. Or if you just want to see which is better to use at the gym.

Before we check out the differences between these two machines it’s important to note their similarities, both offer great cardio exercise, both help burn calories and help improve your cardiovascular system.


With the treadmill you’ll get a thorough lower body worker exercising all the groups of muscles down there. What the treadmill leads in is calorie burn, this is no surprise considering the stair stepper requires more effort and concentration to tone muscles where as the treadmill is a low impact high burn cardio activity.

With a treadmill you get great adaptability in the types of workouts you can do with the variable options available to you such as steepness and speed. This means you can make your workout as difficult or as easy as you want.

With a relatively easier workout comes quicker calorie burn but less toning of the muscles.

Benefits of Running on the Treadmill

Stair Stepper

The stair stepper is a great all round cardio workout but also put focus on the leg and thigh muscles resulting in toned and larger muscles. If this isn’t in line with your goals the treadmill would be a better alternative for a lower impact workout.

Another key benefit to a stair stepper workout is it’s a suitable exercise for those with leg problems (within reason) as it puts less strain on your legs as long as the machine is used safely as instructed. Remember to always consult your doctor or health care professional beforehand.

Benefits of using a Stepper for exercise

It all boils down to whether or not you want a low impact cardio workout to burn calories or a more strenuous workout to tone leg and thigh muscles. All the information you need to choose between purchasing a stair stepper or treadmill or choosing one to work on at the gym.

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