Agility Training Puns For Some LOLs

Hey, Movers & Shakers! Want to be punny while you work on your agility?

We’ve been hurdling around trying to find the most responsive agility training puns around. (Hint: There aren’t any.)

Sorry if they don’t make you hoppy.

You don’t have to take them laterally. It’s just a quick feet-ure. 

So jump on in. We might just ball you over.

agility moving

  • Agility training is part of a balanced exercise program.
  • I always say yes to agility drills. It’s reflexive.
  • I’ve been doing agility exercises until my legs fall asleep. I’m getting numble.

agility direction 2

  • I need to do some agility training, but I’ll make it quick.
  • I talk about agility training a lot, but I’m really just posturing.
  • I wanted to start an agility training group, but I couldn’t coordinate it.

anti agility

  • Upper body agility exercises are a ball.
  • The agility trainer keeps getting promoted. She’s moving right up the ladder.
  • I tried to do agility training at the bank, but they refused to give me my balance.

Punny Agility Training Jokes

slug 2



Q: Why should shell-less snails do agility training?

A: They’re sluggish.


Q: Why are people who do agility training such good composers?

A: They’re good with movements.

Q: Did you hear about the guy who got so carried away with agility drills he shredded his shorts?

A: He s’peed his pants.

Q: Did you hear about the guy who got so carried away with agility drills his pants fell down?

A: He showed his high-knee.

Q: What’s a person who does agility training’s favorite tool?

A: A drill.

Q: What measurement system do most agility trainers around the world use?

A: The plyo-metric system.

Well, were some of these agility puns and jokes on the dot or should we shuffle on out of here?

It’s okay if you’re not wicket. Most of these are pretty cone-y.

Hope we didn’t ruin our dynamic. We just like to keep things moving quickly.

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