Boxing Puns For Some Gut Punching LOLs

Want to be punny while you throw your punches?

We’re throwing our hats in the ring with some paw-sitively awesome puns a-bout boxing.

We had to cut some weight and make some hard decisions, but these are the ones that really hooked us and made the cut-Man.

Pound-for pound, we think these boxing puns are the best.

So, take a dive in and try not to feint.

hold my purse

  • Here. Hold my purse.
  • As a boxer, you should only trust your punches as far as you can throw them.
  • I was inspired to start boxing from movies. It’s been a bit Rocky.
  • You should never wear glasses to box. It’s a contacts sport.
  • The boxer refused to use his left hand while sparring. He was exercising his rights.

punch lights

  • Boxers never use switches. They punch lights out.
  • Boxers throws the best parties. They have great punch.
  • Boxers never book seats on trains. They prefer to ride in the boxcar.
  • The old Golden Gloves champ loves video games now. He’s an Xbox-er.
  • Studying boxing really helps when it’s time to move.


  • Pirates make great boxers. They have killer left hooks.
  • Father Time always wins his boxing matches. He clocks his opponents.
  • The sailboat almost knocked the boxer out. Luckily, the boxer had it on the ropes.
  • Snails love to box. They’re always slugging it out.
  • You can never tell who’s who when elephants box. They have the same color trunks.
  • We’re going to a boxing match and then to see The Wizard of Oz. It’s a night of Punch and Judy.

Punny Boxing Jokes

Last, but not least, all of these boxing jokes feature punny punchlines.


Q: Why were the boxing matches between the professional boxers and prisoners postponed?

A: They were still weighing the pros and cons.


Q: What do you call a matchstick that works in shipping?

A: A boxing match.

Q: Did you know pillbugs love throwing punches at each other?

A: They pill box.

Q: What do you call a bunch of boxers dancing the conga?

A: A punch line.

Q: What do you call it when an apple jabs an orange?

A: A fruit punch.

Q: What’s the best part of a boxing joke?

A: Its punch line.

Q: Which boxer do cows like best?

A: Moo-hammad Ali.

Q: What did the boxer name his salon?

A: The Bob and Weave.

Q: What do you call a boxer who gets knocked out?

A: A sore loser.

Q: Why did the boxer lose her job?

A: She never punched out.

Q: What do you call a boxer after a long bout?

A: A P.U.-gilist.

Q: Why did the woman put her guard up around the dog?

A: She heard it was a boxer.

Q: What did one boxer say when another boxer kept bragging about all his knockouts?

A: That’s raging bull!

Q: Did you hear about the Saturday fight that had to be postponed until Wednesday?

A: The champ knocked his opponent into the middle of next week.

Q: Did you recognize the timekeeper at the boxing match?

A: Me neither, but he really rings a bell.

Q: Why do the British punch everyone on December 26th?

A: It’s Boxing Day.

Q: How do you make fruit punch?

A: Give it boxing lessons.

Q: Why aren’t hobbits allowed to box?

A: They try to destroy the ring.

Q: What do you call it when boxers train on a farm?

A: Beet boxing.

Q: What weight class are metal workers in?

A: Welderweight.

Well, did we floor you with these puns or should we break?

Don’t pull your punches or spar our feelings. We can take it on the chin.

We’re not trying to make accidental butts of ourselves. Let’s hug it out.

Ah, saved by the bell.

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