Frisbee Puns (+ Disc Golf and Ultimate Puns!)

Hey, Tosser.

Want to be punny while you go for a spin?

We’ve walked the course from the outside-in to find some of the most navel frisbee puns around.

We’re not saying these puns are on the high side. A lot of times frisbee puns fall flat.

We’re just putt-ing them out there and hope they O-line with your sense of humor.

General Frisbee Puns & Flying Disc Puns

These puns are about frisbees and playing frisbee in general.

disc jockey

  • Disc jockey.
  • A tiny frisbee = compact disc
  • I attached a watch to my frisbee. Now, time really flies when I play.
  • I always wondered why a frisbee got bigger as it got closer. Then, it hit me.
  • I was going to tell you about the time I overthrew a frisbee, but it’ll just go over your head.

disc content

  • Every time I throw a frisbee, I feel disc-content.
  • I wanted to play frisbee today, but I’m disc-combobulated.
  • I throw my frisbee with authority. I’m a disc-iplinarian.
  • I always let my friends throw first. I like to be disc-courteous.
  • When I make a really bad throw, I often disc-cuss.

disc continuation

  • When you pick up an unfinished frisbee game, it’s a disc-continuation.
  • When you throw a frisbee like everyone else, it’s disc-conformity.
  • When you try to get your opponent arrested, it’s disc-crimination.
  • When you play frisbee with confidence, that’s disc-courage.
  • When you dye your frisbee, that’s disc-coloration.

disc countenance

  • Your frisbee game face is your disc-countenance.
  • The singer kept hitting high notes while she was playing frisbee. It was disc-concerting.
  • When you’re really feeling your frisbee throw, that’s disc-connection.
  • When a frisbee picks up static electricity, that’s a disc-charge.
  • If your expensive frisbee gets stolen, you might make a disc-claim with your insurance company.

Punny Frisbee Jokes

All of these general jokes about frisbees feature punny punchlines.

Q: What do you feel when your frisbee gets blown off-course by the wind?

A: Disc-gust.

Q: Where do frisbees dance?

A: At the disc-o.

Q: What type of discs do ghosts throw?

A: Fris-boos.

Disc Golf Puns

These puns and punny jokes are specifically related to disc golf.

fair way

  • I play the fair way.
  • Hole-y roller.
  • When you beat someone really badly in disc golf, you should send them a disc-card.

Punny Disc Golf Jokes

All of these disc golf jokes feature punny punchlines.

Q: What are disc golfers’ favorite playing cards?

A: Aces.

Q: Why did the disc golfer put a hive on the course?

A: Fer ‘is bee.

Q: What is the biggest danger on a disc golf course?

A: The fris-bees.

Q: What are disc golfers’ least favorite breakfast foods?

A: Turnovers.

Q: What did the disc golfer say when he threw wildly off-course?

A: That’s rough.

Ultimate Frisbee Puns

These puns and punny jokes are specifically related to Ultimate.

disc connect

  • Let’s disc-connect!
  • Huck yeah!
  • May the force be with you.
  • Well, ain’t that swill.
  • Reading is fundamental.

Punny Ultimate Frisbee Jokes

All of these Ultimate jokes feature punny punchlines.

Q: What is an Ultimate player’s favorite breakfast food?

A: Pancakes.

Q: Why don’t Ultimate players drink wine?

A: They’re afraid of the corkscrew.

Q: What is it called when someone writes an account of an Ultimate player’s life?

A: A discography.

Q: What do babies do best in Ultimate?

A: Dribble.

Well, did these frisbee puns lay you out with a ho ho ho, or do you want to put the hammer to us?

No foul intended. Please, don’t cutter us.

Let’s discus it over tee.

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