Bike Puns To Give Cyclists The LOLs

Want to be punny while you pedal?

We’ve cranked out a few bike puns we hope will leave you rolling.

We’re not trying to bonk you over the head with them, and we don’t want to derailleur day, but if you can breakaway for a minute, sit in, take a brake, and unchain.

Sorry if our humor drops by the endo.

It’s our first draft!

Bicycle Puns For All Occasions


  • I wheelie like biking.
  • Biking makes a wheel difference in my life.
  • Just gearing up for a ride.
  • I live my life behind bars.
  • Well spoke’n.

  • Get a grip!
  • Back in the saddle.
  • I’m on the chain gang.
  • Fork yeah!
  • E-bikes take charge!

Tire Puns

  • I want to invest in new bike tires, but I worry about deflation.
  • You can’t learn to unicycle if you’re two tired.
  • Thinking about retiring.

Cycling Puns

  • Cyclists have pull.
  • I ride twice a day! I love recycling!
  • It’s all downhill from here.
  • My bike is mean to me. It’s a vicious cycle.

Punny Bicycle Jokes



Q: What is a military bike team called?

A: Cyclops.


Q: What’s another name for an origami bicycle?

A: A stationery bike.

Q: Why do bikes have kickstands?

A: They’re two tired to stand.

Q: What’s the difference between a unicyclist and a bicyclist?

A: Attire.

Q: What did the person say to the biker who was taking a long time to fix his bike?

A: Aren’t you tired yet?

Well, did we shock you into laughing or have we been wheel suckers?

Hope we didn’t go too far a-field.

We can have singletrack minds when it comes to bike puns.

But we don’t want to be tiring. P

ull off before you get kicked, that’s our moto.

Got a funny bike pun we need to know?

Drop it in the comments!

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