Resistance Band Home Workouts: 4 Best Resistance Band Videos For Beginners On YouTube

Looking to try doing some resistance band training at home but don’t know where to start?

Well, if you don’t like the idea of going to a gym or working with a personal trainer, then the best alternative is to follow some beginner resistance band workout videos on YouTube.

And yeah, there are a ton of option on YouTube, right? So, how do you know where to start?

That’s where we come in to help you out.

We looked through some of the most popular beginner YouTube resistance training channels to find the best options to help you get started with resistance band workouts online.

Check out our picks below.

1. British Heart Foundation – Using Resistance Bands

What better place to learn about effectively using resistance bands that an organization focused on heart health?

This video from the British Heart Foundation shows several of the simplest exercises you can do with a resistance band, with moves emphasizing both the upper and lower body.

A total of six different beginner-friendly resistance band exercises are shown in this video.

British Heart Foundation - Using Resistance Bands

The lateral raises in the above video can be easily modify into a reverse fly.

Simply bend forward at the hips, keeping a straight back as shown in this video. ⬇

Reverse Fly - Sleek Sexy Arms Workout Video

2. Introduction to Resistance Bands For Seniors (15 Minutes) by More Life Health

Don’t let the fact that this video targets older people prevent you from watching it.

This video targeted at seniors is a good workout for anyone just getting started with resistance bands or for those rehabilitating from an injury.

Mike, the guy showing you the workouts in this video, is a Physiotherapist.

This video covers resistance bands AND goes through 6 exercises to help strengthen both the upper and lower body

The workout includes:

  • Warm Up: Seated Marching On the Spot
  • Exercise 1: Bicep Curls x 10 each arm
  • Exercise 2: Lateral Shoulder Raises x 10 each arm
  • Exercise 3: Knee Extensions x 10 each leg
  • Exercise 4: Ankle Plantar Flexions x 10 each ankle
  • Exercise 5: Hip Abductions x 10
  • Exercise 6: Standing Core Stability x 10 each arm 

Go grab yourself some resistance bands and ENJOY this workout!

And keep in mind that these are just an example of the many exercises you can do with resistance bands.

Introduction to Resistance Bands For Seniors (15 Minutes) | More Life Health

3. Total Body Resistance Bands Workout by Bangin’ Body

If you’re looking for a resistance band workout that’s fast and fun, you can’t do much better than this.

This 13- minute routine is going to tone and strengthen muscles you didn’t even realize you had!

It has three levels of routine, including a beginner level.


4. 30 Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout by HASfit

Once you’re more comfortable with your bands and ready to increase the effort, this routine will help you burn calories and build muscle.

Be careful with some of the floor exercises until you are comfortable with how to secure the band on your foot.

30 Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout - Exercise Band Workouts for Women & Men

Final Word

The best way to learn how to use resistance bands is to just get started with some basic exercises.

There are a multitude of online videos demonstrating how to perform specific resistance band movements.

We recommend getting started with your home resistance band workouts using one of the videos we’ve selected above.

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