Resistance Training Quotes for Inspiration

No one waxes poetic about resistance bands, let’s face facts.

So, there aren’t any inspirational quotes about resistance bands or quotes about resistance bands at all really. (Well, there’s one.)

There are, however, several quotes about resistance that roughly fit the bill.

These quotes are more about resistance in regards to social change or personal goals, but the same general sentiments apply.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next resistance band workout, try these on for size.

  1. A band is a muscle without a nervous supply. – Dave Schmitz

band musle

Yay! A quote about actual resistance bands! Not inspirational, perhaps, but a clever assessment of how resistance bands can be incorporated into your workout and used to shape your body.

Plus, it’s nice to know a resistance band quote exists!

2. The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

This quote is certainly not about resistance bands (more likely, it’s about weights or gaggles of pull-ups), but you can do worse than an inspirational quote from a bodybuilding legend.

3. Out of resistance comes strength. – Napolean Hill

Nothing to do with working out or muscles, but it sounds as though it could be, so we’ll say that it is.

Regardless, the point’s a solid fit.

4. The path of least resistance will never make you proud. – Tony Robbins

Motivational speaker after motivational speaker. Feeling inspired yet?

5. The path of least resistance is what makes rivers run crooked. – Elbert Hubbard


Ah. Philosophical. And, also, scientifically sound.

6. Victory will never be found by taking the path of least resistance. – Winston Churchill

Simple. True.

7. Persistence wears down resistance. – William J. Federer

Yes, persistence. And also muscles.

8. Energy and persistence conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin

And, if you do it right, gives back more energy.

9. A good goal is like a strenuous exercise – it makes you stretch. – Mary Kay Ash

Whoo! We almost got there with this one. Not about fitness or resistance bands, but both fitness and “stretch” get a mention, so we’ll call it a win.

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