Resistance Band Puns For More LOLs

Want to be punny as you stretch out your exercise routine?

We’ve trained our press-core to seek out the most up-row-rious resistance band puns around.

Some are totally fly. Some are modified.

But we’re gonna plank ‘em right down here and let you see for yourself.

So, kickback and enjoy.

Stretcher 2


  • I want to get fit, but working out with resistance bands is a bit of a stretch.
  • I’m gonna stretch this workout as long as I can.
  • Careful how you hold resistance bands. They leave stretch marks.
  • I know I need to start working out, but I feel a lot of resistance.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you can resist a good workout.
  • I really struggle with my workout, but it’s hard to resist.

bands resistant

  • Resistance bands can be mean. Sometimes they snap at you.
  • I wrote a song about resistance bands. It’s snappy.
  • I thought they were going to repo my resistance bands, but they gave me an extension.
  • My friend asked if I ever worked out with resistance bands. I said, “Yeah. It’s in the rotation.”

Punny Resistance Band Jokes

All these jokes feature punny punchlines.

Q: What’s an electrician’s least favorite form of exercise?

A: Resistance.

Q: What do you call it when you sleep with your resistance bands?

A: Resisting a rest.

Q: What are socialist resistance bands called?

A: Stretch Marx.

Q: What are people who workout with resistance band’s favorite train cars?

A: Pullmans.

Q: What do you call the pose you do when you do resistance band exercises?

A: Your resist-stance.

Q: Want to work out with a resistance band?

A: What? You mean like Pussy Riot?

Q: Why did the artist draw the person exercising with resistance bands?

A: It was an etch of stretch.

Q: Did you see that woman grab the other woman’s leg while she was trying to do banded squats?

A: Yeah. It was an abduction.

Q: Why are you using those resistance bands?

A: Ohm, duh! It’s part of my circuit.

Q: Why wouldn’t the athlete do a resistance band workout?

A: She thought resistance was futile.

Well, did we get you to lat or do you want to take us to the woodchopper?

Please, don’t pull us apart. We’re prone to get overhead of ourselves.

And, if we’ve made you so confused you feel like sitting randomly in the air, remember it means squat.

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