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Getting Started With Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (Beginners SUP Guide)

Stand-up paddle boarding is a rapidly-growing watersport that is far easier than surfing or waterskiing, but offers many of the same great benefits. Unlike surfing, which requires waves, or waterskiing, which requires a boat, stand-up paddle boarding is also a self-contained activity that can be done on any body of water (as long it’s wide …

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Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

From shore, paddle boarding can look a bit challenging. It is done on a board with relatively little surface area (compared to a boat or a jet ski) and is powered solely by human force. So, from a distance, it looks like paddle boarding requires too essential things – balance and strength – which it …

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Can You Hike In Birkenstocks?

When you think of brands that are synonymous with outdoorsy people, Birkenstock is definitely one of those brands. But are Birkenstocks something that you should wear out on the trail? No, most Birkenstocks are not good for hiking and should be avoided. However, Birkenstock has recently started making a few sandal models that you can …

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How Much Should I Exercise?

To reap the health benefits of exercise (improvements in cardio and respiratory health and lowered risk of disease), the CDC recommends adults get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity (or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity) cardio-aerobic exercise each week, plus two days of strength training. If you’re wondering how much exercise you really need, the CDC’s recommendations …

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